Laura’s Diary: Day 22 – Koogar Head Quarters and beyond

Today has been a great day, very different and fun!

This morning Koogar was co-hosting a Marketing Forum with Azzure Marketing.  The forum was a great success, both Amanda and Julie were extremely confident when giving their presentations and their topics were different, direct, informative and above all useful.  So I hope everyone who attended agrees and has taken something away from the event that they can use to take their business to the next step, whatever that step may be.

Throughout the afternoon I have been doing a lot of follow up work, mostly dealing with emails, forms, paperwork etc so not as exciting as this morning, but it has to be done and to be honest, I’ve even quite enjoyed doing it!

You may have noticed that it’s just gone half 5 and I’m only just posting my blog.  Well, this is because I’m off shortly to another networking/ forum to learn about the importance of SEO, which I’m almost certainly going to find helpful and I’m really looking forward to it.

So all in all a long day at the Koogar Head Quarters and beyond, but all relevant, new and exciting, which is just what you want out of your working day!

Laura’s Diary: Day 8 – Toot my own horn

I don’t want to toot my own horn (for lack of a better expression), but I seem to be getting more and more productive each day!  I have completed my list of things to do AND more in 8 hours!

I spent the first two hours of the morning on my own as Amanda was out of the office.  So, naturally, I thought I’d work my socks off and try and get as much as I could done to:

a)      Prove I can be very useful and productive when unsupervised. And…
b)      To impress Amanda :p

During these two hours I completed another one of our five campaigns and typed it up so that’s three out of five done now.  Well two that are complete with their very own microsite wording to accompany them and one that is in the beginning stages of becoming a flyer- but I still crossed it off my list, as in my opinion the first draft is complete!

Next I moved onto creating two pages of wording for a company in Manchester, who Amanda is re-designing their website for them.  It’s a very rough draft as I had to generate these two pages from only three small paragraphs of information, but as an English graduate and someone who likes to talk I managed to pad it out!  I also completed and finalised my marketing tips and now have 30 that are ready to be viewed.  And if that wasn’t enough I completed first drafts of the remaining two campaigns that Koogar is excited about- very, very busy today!

For the rest of the day I utilised my time from doing small, but time consuming jobs to big and time consuming jobs!  I sent out emails for everyone in our database (which, by the way, will update you every time we add something to our website.   Whether it be a new blog so you can keep up-to-date with what Koogar are doing or a new microsite detailing some of Koogar’s new and special offers).

I have edited two blogs which we are working on at the moment- one is going to be LIVE soon and is definitely worth a read.  It’s called ‘2 things people forget once their website has gone live’.   It gives a very informative insight into what may seem like mundane elements to a website, but are in fact the most important; Domain Names & Web Hosting.

As well as completing these and a few other small tasks I have read over and made several changes to the customer questionnaire Koogar sends out to new clients.  I am very pleased with this, although I have not began typing anything up yet, as I have been mentioning it quite a lot over the last couple of weeks, but until today had yet to make an impression on it!

Overall I am extremely happy with how today has gone and am thrilled that people, including clients actually know who I am, which is of course down to the blogs and Amanda telling everyone of course!  I was speaking to a client earlier today who asked me how I was getting on and wished me luck, which I thought was lovely to do and made me feel like a true Koogar member!

Laura’s Diary: Day 2

I started the day by making a detailed list of what I wanted to have completed by [17:00].  My small list consisted of looking into marketing plans and the process which precedes them such as questionnaires.  I wanted to see how the questionnaires used by Koogar could be improved or updated.

Within the first five minutes of being in the office my list began to grow.  As in most businesses, especially those that focus their majority of time and efforts on marketing, ideas flow constantly and as one cannot stop thinking it is important to make lists (as I have found out today).

Amanda had a PR meeting at [10:00] with Train 2000 (, a company supporting women across Liverpool and Manchester who are either running or wanting to set up their own business by helping to fund them, providing training and seminars and boosting confidence.

I was lucky enough to go along to the meeting, which was different to say the least.  Amanda first had to be interviewed and filmed for a podcast then she was taken through to have her photograph taken and finally she was interviewed again, but this time without the presence of a webcam! The aim of Train 2000 is to send Koogar the podcast and a copy of the chosen photograph to use for publicity purposes.  The podcast (which we were discussing only the other day as a useful marketing technique) will be really useful as it can go on the website.  Train 2000 will be putting Amanda’s interview on their website, hopefully within the next few weeks, which will definitely be worth checking out!

After lunch I was faced again with my list, but had a welcome distraction of Rachael – Amanda’s colleague, who very kindly brought me a coffee – a perfect booster in motivating me to approach the next bullet point.

Throughout the afternoon I worked on a couple of ideas such as trying to find out if I could make Koogar a featured business on a well known business innovation website.  I am pleased to say that I had a positive response back from the websites Marketing Director and will be working on the feature asap and will keep you all updated as to if and when it goes up on the website.

I have also started working on one of Amanda’s new campaigns which hopefully will be completed by the end of the month.  However, unfortunately I can’t and shouldn’t go into too much detail, but trust me- it will be of great interest to a lot of people and hopefully because of this a huge success.

It’s now [16:55] and I am extremely happy that I have completed my to do list, but in doing so have managed to create another lengthy list to start on next week…wish me luck!

Laura’s Diary: Day 1

Hi! My name’s Laura and I am a recent graduate on placement with Koogar.  Throughout the next three months I will be keeping a diary about what I’ve been doing during the day and my thoughts and feelings towards these activities.  Now that my introduction, albeit short and sweet, is over I’ll begin…

This is my first diary entry and I’m still getting to grips with the whole idea of marketing.  If you have read my interview you’ll know that I was quite nervous about marketing the company and being very much involved with new marketing campaigns.

Well, it’s now the end of my first day and although I’m still a bit nervous I am settling in and becoming more comfortable and dare I say confident with the tasks ahead of me.

I started off the day by listening to a Marketing Mastermind CD and one piece of information really stood out; podcasts.  Needless to say this idea then proceeded to take up my morning as I wanted to find out how easy it was to create a podcast, which directories would it be best to post them, what is blog radio and how we could use podcasts to help promote Koogar.  From looking into podcasts I have learned, and hope you will agree, that by marketing/ promoting a campaign many clients would find it slightly different but more approachable if they heard Amanda’s voice explaining the campaign in more detail (as well as being able to access the information on the Koogar website).  As well as this clients could even if they wanted to raise a query on Koogar’s Q&A website by uploading an audio message.

Throughout the afternoon I was busy creating 5 marketing tips.  I will produce 5 per day that I’m on placement and these will be produced as a whole at the end of each month.  In this instance however, I feel slightly at an advantage as I am learning and gaining knowledge about marketing all the time as I did not posses a vast knowledge to begin with.

Overall, my first day has been very interesting, enlightening and most of all exciting.  A great way to start a placement I’d say.