Jonathan interviewed Amanda from Koogar

Jonathan interviewed Amanda Daniels, the founder of Koogar. Please read on to see what he found out!

Amanda Daniels owns and works for Koogar, which is a digital marketing company which specializes in website design and developement. Amanda works with her partner Andy, currently from a home office and the company has been running full time for 9 months, but in total 3 years.

Before Amanda set up her own business, she was a web designer of 7 years, this involved her being part of a team where she was produced insurance websites, working with big clients such as HSBC. Amanda felt that she was starting to lose some of her design and creative skills as these websites had to have strict structures, therefore decided to move away from this and set up her own company to retrieve some of these skills.

Amanda wanted to help other businesses as she felt that companies were getting over charged for websites. Amanda felt that as she had experience working for big companies that she would be able to provide better websites for businesses cost effectively. Amanda prides her self on presentation as she feels that this is key to what she does.

Jonathan McCourt is now working with Koogar

Jonathan McCourt Interview

Jonathan is coming to work with Koogar for the next 6 months by creating case studies. Jonathan is currently doing a degree in John Moores University in Liverpool and here is a little more information about him…

My full name is Jonathan McCourt – no middle name, just Jonathan…

Born in and raised in Hill Dale, Ormskirk all my life, but currently live in Kensington term time.

I’m currently doing a Media, Cultural Studies and Marketing degree. The media and cultural studies part is opinion based and the marketing side of things is about International Marketing.

In 2008, I made a documentary called “Liverpool Lives” and its about what Liverpool means to people.