How to convince potential clients to work with you

How to convince potential clients to work with you

Convince Clients

The simple answer is you don’t.

The problem is people have set ways of doing things AND their own thoughts about things… their own perspective on things…

Do you ever meet people who say they know what you do, but don’t really?

They have an understanding of the concept of what you do, but this is based on their own experiences with that thing, whatever it may be.

Let’s take marketing for an example. People “know” what marketing is and they’ve all had experiences of doing it themselves, with other people and having others do it for them which may not have good connotations to them.

The problem why people don’t know what you do, is because they don’t understand HOW you do it. They have their own preconceptions of what you do but not a deeper understanding. Which means there is only one solution…

You have to help the clients you encounter, UN-learn what they already know about what you do…

And to help people un-learn, you MUST educate them. Educate your clients (current and potential) WHY you and your company are the right people for the job… Educate them about you, your company and how you do things. People buy from people!

You can NEVER convince someone to work with you because convincing them means you need to do everything within your power to make sure they “get it”.

Meaning of the word Convince


verb: convince; 3rd person present: convinces; past tense: convinced; past participle: convinced; gerund or present participle: convincing

cause (someone) to believe firmly in the truth of something

persuade (someone) to do something

This convincing could/can be seen as manipulation and begging to a point.

Koogar prefer to influence!

Before we talk about influence though, what is the message(s) you are putting out there and does it match what your client is looking for?

Again, let’s take marketing as an example; When you rock up to a networking event and you tell them you are in marketing, a web designer, solicitor, an accountant, business coach, whatever… Giving the general term for what you do will get you one or two of these reactions;

  1. Eyes roll; “another one of them” gesture – they don’t say it to you but they are thinking it and you are thinking to yourself you should have said something else…
  2. The person you are talking to says “Oh, I do the same as you” and it’s VERY clear they do not! – Being the same isn’t a good thing, in fact it’s really bad!
  3. Really, tell me more about how you do that?

Ideally you want the third reaction which enables you to start telling your story of HOW you help people.

The way in which you deliver the message about what you do is the essence of the influence.

Meaning of the word Influence:


noun: influence; plural noun: influences

  1. the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

And this means to enable the person to make their own mind up about you and what you do.

At Koogar, if we have to convince someone to work with us then we know that if they do they will always be unsure, second guess us and never truly believe.

Sometimes you should walk away from business too. Not everyone will “believe you” because of the experiences they have had in the past and this is OK.

Having to convince people to work with you WILL sour the relationship and they will always think “[insert what you do and/or who you are] never worked” when clearly if done properly, consistently and coherently it does!

Become an influencer!


[Digital Course] 6 Ways to Influence Clients (for £7 LIMITED PERIOD)

[Digital Course] 6 Ways to Influence Clients (for £7 LIMITED PERIOD)

6 ways to Influence ClientsWe have put together a digital download to answer a question I’m asked quite a lot…

…which is “how do I get a new client to choose me and my company over my competition?

And the answer to this is easy… It is based on Influence!

We have just entered the 2nd quarter of the year… is it planned?

Do you know your numbers?

Were you on track for the end of the first quarter of 2017?

So… we are proud to announce that our VERY new Digital Course is available for Download for ONLY £7 (LIMITD PERIOD)

How much influence do you have in your industry and on clients?

You may have heard me talk about Integrate to Influence before? No… let me explain.

Integrate to Influence for Koogar means to combine marketing elements and activities to have a positive effect on clients (new and current)!

Meaning of the word Integrate; to combine two or more things in order to become more effective

Meaning of the word Influence; the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself

6 Experts share their knowledge on video covering the following subjects: Niching, Customer Service, Telemarketing, Data Collection, Social Media and Communication – Clarity of your message! Visit to find out more and buy your copy TODAY for just £7!

You’ll get a 30 page workbook, 6 videos and an Excel Spreadsheet for £7!

Normal price £45!

[Podcast ITI 0006] Does your business have STRONG marketing foundations?

[Podcast ITI 0006] Does your business have STRONG marketing foundations?

Listening Time – 39 minutes and 0 seconds

ALL large projects and businesses are built upon their foundations! How strong are yours and will they help you last?

For example, a Japanese skyscraper has earthquake proof foundations to ensure it can cope with the frequent earthquakes in Japanese cities such as Tokyo.

Your marketing should be as considered as this, because unless you have the RIGHT foundations in place, your marketing strategy WILL NOT be able to cope and change with environmental disturbances that come regularly in business.

Some of the changes I’m talking about may be:

  • Consumer desires
  • Competitive forces
  • Resource availability
  • Political decisions

FOUNDATIONS – in this podcast is an anagram…

All of the above could cause HUGE issues for a marketing strategy that has not been effectively developed with the proper foundations in place.

Who do you want to “influence” in 2016?

Influence meaning – the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Do you have your Top 20 List ready?

Who are you are targeting in 2016?

More importantly do you know HOW you will be targeting them yet?

Good News…

After the success of Influence 2015 and the great feedback we have received we are very pleased to advise… Influence is back for 2016!

Koogar’s Influence Marketing Conference is back!

And this time we have different speakers on different subjects ranging from;

  1. Pricing – how to price yourself
  2. Copy writing – creating persuasive copy
  3. Video – build better relationships through video
  4. Websites – create the user journey
  5. Linkedin – connecting with the right people
  6. Conversions – how to make MORE of them

Influence is about helping marketing managers and business owners make their marketing SO EFFECTIVE they are target the EXACT client or customer they want.

Watch our montage of Influence 2015

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Here is what some of the delegates said last year;

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