[Podcast ITI0011] G.D.P.R. from an Employer and Employee Point of View (Interview with Jayne Sanderson Brown)

[Podcast ITI0011] G.D.P.R. from an Employer and Employee Point of View (Interview with Jayne Sanderson Brown)

Listening Time – 42 minutes and 19 seconds

G.D.P.R. isn’t a compliance issue it’s a “how we do business” process and what we will do with your information.

G.D.P.R. is a huge subject and something that is VERY topical at present.

We all want to know what to do, how to do it, where to start.

Jayne is from Summ.it based in Manchester and shares several elements to think about, where you should start and what things mean to you, with regards to your employment process, your Team (full-time part-time or associates) and as an Employer.

Download Summ.it’s G.D.P.R. Presentation

Why your business simply needs Slack…

Why your business simply needs Slack…

slackThe Problem

One of the main issues that Business Owners face on a daily basis is how they can quickly and efficiently communicate with all of their employees. This is often a hugely time consuming issue because people within a team have different preferences for communication platforms.

For example, some will prefer Facebook messenger, while other will use the Skype chat, WhatsApp and some may just stick to email. This is an issue, especially for managers because they will have to remember which platform each employee uses, then log in, remembering the login and password for each platform.

This many not seem like much of an issue, but for managers with a number of employees it can be very draining on the key resource of time!


Slack removes all of these issues by being a unification tool for the communication between team members. Business owners can create teams, and from them they can create channels, which will be focus on specific areas of the business or individual projects the business is currently working on.

For example, a marketing team may have 5 or 6 different channels, as they may have a separate channel for events, promotions, campaigns, social media, online courses etc. The people who are needed for the specific projects or areas of the business can then be added to the channel and it acts as almost a professional WhatsApp for Mobile (and now you can get WhatsApp for Desktop) space for everyone on that team to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Direct Messaging

Slack also has a direct messaging capability, as it may not always be appropriate to post all messages into the channels, so the direct messaging option makes communicating with a specific person within a team very quick and easy.

While, some might say this is just the same as email, it is much quicker and easier because there is no need to log into another application to contact someone individually, you can just quickly click on their name in the direct message section of the application and instantly message them. It also saves huge amounts of time in terms of people covering themselves sending numerous emails with people copied into them to ensure the blame does not fall on them.

Safe Storage

This ties into one of the best features of slack, as all the messages are instantly saved and stored safely within slack. Therefore, using the sophisticated search feature you can quickly and easily find messages, images or files that have ever been sent within a team.

Also, unlike email, twitter and Facebook to an extent people can only post messages and contribute if they have been added to the channel, therefore you do not have to waste time wading through messages that are not important for the business, and are irrelevant to this specific sector of the business or business project.

These features effectively reduce the time needed to engage with content of this type, focusing the communication in an intelligent way and consequently leading to increased productivity within the business.


Another amazing feature of slack is how it can be effectively integrated into many of the other tools which your business may already be using. Here at Koogar we stress the important of integration for all businesses marketing, and this tool makes integration of a number of elements/tools seamless.

An example of this integration is Dropbox, a hugely popular application which is used by almost all businesses as their primary storage facility for images, graphics and documents.

Slack will effectively integrate Dropbox into your communication channels and teams, and not only can you share any of your files from Dropbox  into the channels, but if they are ever changed in Dropbox the files within slack will be automatically altered, so the version you posted in slack is always up-to-date. This feature is extremely useful for a range of businesses, especially when more than one person is working on the same document, image or graphic.


Slack can also integrate with a number of other application such as Wunderlist and appear.in which make the most of the /command function, through which slack users can view their Wunderlist to-do lists right in slack or they can start an appear in video conference at the touch of a button. This highlights how slack is a hugely effective unification tool, which not only unifies your teams, but also unifies the applications that you use and love.

The range of different integration options is one of the best features of slack, because it makes it truly customizable, both in terms of individual taste and industry needs.

There are even add-ons such as slack digest that have been developed for extremely busy slackers, as it digests the content from a channel and condenses it down into the key information. Subsequently, busy business owners can keep up-to-date with the communications within the channels without having to read the full threads.

Overall slack is an amazing application, available across Microsoft, mac and chrome operating systems as well as android and iOS. It is the tool that all business owners, managers and members are using to effectively communicate, share ideas and share files all on the same platform. Once integrated with other apps such as Dropbox, Wunderlist and appear.in, slack truly has the potential to transform the productivity of businesses, and it is easy to see why people are so very excited about it.