Up close and Personal

Personalisation is something we talked about at the beginning of the year (2012) when it comes to Digital and Social Marketing, and it has started to happen off line too.

A great digital version of personalisation is email marketing or social media. Those emails you get that say “Hi [your name], Did you know that we could help [your company name] do…” or were your Facebook news feed shows you updates from a page you Liked the day before.

In Marketing the first and foremost element you need to look at is your target audience. These are the people or businesses who buy from you, will come back to you and will recommend you time and time again. Most of the time they are an oversight because you are to busy selling your product or service. The super brands have this down to a tee.

Coca Cola and Starbucks are prime examples of personalisation, were they have added your name to their product making you feel that little bit more special or even Amazon recommending another book based on the ones you have already read.

Lets take Coca Cola as an example; Coca Cola changed our weekly shopping trip were we are greeted with a large plastic container or fridge to rummage around in to “Share a Coke with…” someone you know or love. Taking you 5 minutes or more to find your names just to make the other person feel special.

They will forget what you said,

they will forget what you did,

but they will never forget how you make them feel

Within your Marketing you need to be taking your target audience on a journey that gives them your brand/company experience. By that I mean what are the steps you take to make sure they end up at the final goal, which is to purchase something from you and how can you make that person buying from you today feel like they are your only client?

This also goes for automated tweets which gives the same message to each person who follows you, even though they may be following you for different reasons. A personal experience is what we all expect from the person, company or brand we are buying from.

I am not a number, I’m a free man! – Number 6 (The Prisoner)

Personalisation should be used in the right place at the right time across the right marketing elements (within your brand/company experience) or you can make people feel like they are being stalked which can be a little creepy. Google remarketing has a knack for that.

The action I would like you to take is to understand your audience on a personal level and the benefit to you will be longer and stronger relationships!

Marketing Tip #27: Follow Up…Again

I know I have already mentioned the importance of following up with a client or potential client after networking with them, but I must stress just how important it is as most people only start really taking notice of you after several attempts of follow ups.

Have you ever met someone at a networking event or through a referral that says they need one of your services, but when you try to contact them to arrange a meeting they are extremely difficult to get hold of or don’t get back to you? 

Well here’s why…

Although these people do want your services, they too are extremely busy in their line of work and although it can be frustrating, you need to keep contacting them to book in that meeting and even after the meeting you should give them a call to go over what was discussed in the meeting and the steps to take from there.

We always follow up via an email after a networking event, but if we need to book a meeting with someone then we will ring them.  If we haven’t heard anything, we will email them the following week and then ring them the week after that and so on. 

Remember, you don’t want to hassle people, but give them a gentle reminder that you’re still there.  After all, they are the ones who approached you for your services!

Laura’s Diary: Day 20 – BNI and Networking

Well it’s Wednesday afternoon and I’m happy to say I survived the BNI meeting yesterday! Only kidding, there was nothing to survive.  I was welcomed straight away and was made to feel comfortable and didn’t even have to use my script card when doing my 60 seconds hurrah!

Since then I have been talking non stop about BNI and networking etc.  Despite all my yapping on though I have done quite a bit including creating some wording for a new page Koogar is going to launch very soon, which will also be using MissKoogar!

I’ve again been designing some new questionnaires, creating a spreadsheet and creating the wording for several other new pages Koogar wants to add.  So its been all go today, which is the way I like it!

Oh and hope you all found this week’s Marketing Tip helpful, so there’s no excuse now leaving a subject box blank!