15 #BlackFriday Tips, Ideas and Suggestions

15 #BlackFriday Tips, Ideas and Suggestions

#BlackFriday with KoogarThese 15 ideas, suggestions and tips are here to help you smash your year end targets by giving you ways in which you can take on Friday 23rd November and benefit from one of the largest sales days in the UK!

This week will bring the biggest shopping day in the British calendar, it is Black Friday (#BlackFriday). While this is a fairly new phenomena in the UK it has been a huge success in the few years it has been running.

This year consumers (including you) will be spending in the region of £8.29Billion pounds

This is your opportunity to get new customers before the end of November.

Read more about it here > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Friday_(shopping)

1. Prepare well

What are you going to offer?

What goes with your offer?

Have a few different offers available to your audience, not just one. Give your audience choice instead of a Yes or No decision.

2. Start promoting it now…

You don’t have to wait until Black Friday, which is on 23rd November this year (2018).

Don’t start late! Be early to the party for a change… Tell people you are putting an offer or offers together.

3. Stand out

Everyone will be putting together emails with their offers on them now (I’ve received 3 today Monday 19th November), have you started yet?

How can you do it differently?

Video, Landing page, Insta graphics?

Send yours when your client is least expecting it as they will be receiving HUNDREDS of other offers too. They need to know you have something happening, so they know where to spend their money. Especially for those that haven’t yet started to work with you.

This is their opportunity to do so at a reduced rate to see if you are for them in the long term!

4. Give something else instead of reducing prices

Giving an offer or creating a deal isn’t just about reducing your prices and reductions all the time. It could be that if you buy “this package” you get “XZY for free”, “as well as” or “on top of” this saving yourself “XZY”.

Sometimes its about adding more value!

5. Make it easy to buy

If someone sees your deal can they just buy it? Or do they have to get in touch, find an email or telephone number or worse still, fill in a long form that takes too much time?

Add PayPal buttons, a shopping cart, as well as an email address so your customer can ask for support if they need it!

6. Landing Page showing all your offers available

Just so everything can be seen in one place! Having multiple offers is great but putting them in different place isn’t. Showing all of your offers in one place may just get you an up sell.

7. Gift guide

If you are B2C (Business to Consumer) and have a lot of products that will be on offer all at once, create an easy guide (PDF/Mini Website) to help them decide and download so they can share with others… These purchases could be Christmas presents!

8. Schedule your campaign

It’s already close to Christmas so I assume you are already busy, don’t want to miss this opportunity. Make sure you schedule your campaign as best you can to get in front of your perfect client!

9. Advertising

How are you going to get more eyes on your deals? Advertising of course! Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Linkedin… which ever your preference, why not add an additional £50+ to your current budget

10. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are now one of the most commonly used and typed words and symbols used on Social Media. Be seen in the conversations and feeds of #blackfriday to help you get more traffic to your social profiles or website itself.

11. Give the details!

This will naturally come with #BlackFriday. Your customers (potential and new) will have a certain amount of time to buy your products or services. Ensure you display how many you have for the offer and the savings they will be getting; i.e. 10 places, 25 bundles/packages, saving you 33% or £89.

12. If you extend your sale, make sure you have a cut-off point!

i.e. Koogar’s #BlackFriday Offers start on Friday 23rd November and finish Monday 26th November at 5pm!

13. Be able to manage your orders

Don’t over offer! There is nothing worst for your customer than buying something from you and you not being able to forfill their needs. You will lose your reputation overnight and we don’t want that! If you need an extra pair of hands, ask and get them in ready to help you!

They could get more sales for you by being the extra pair of hands…

14. Sneak Peak at Black Friday Deals

Give your clients and those on your email list a sneak peek to your offer! Let them know what is coming so they can work out what they are going to buy, their budgets, who they could refer or recommend it to.Ask for shares

You will be using Social Media, your website and every other marketing activity in your arsenal to promote your #BlackFriday deals… Why not ask those reading, watching or listening to your blogs, podcasts, posts, etc to share your content for you to those who you think may be interested in finding out more…

Having affiliates in place will see your #BlackFriday deals go off the chart!

What extra product, service or gift could you give those affiliates that help you sell on #BlackFriday?

Most importantly

15. Track your results!

Know where most of your sales came from, which social platform, what didn’t and did sell well.

Doing this will help you understand what you need to do for next year…

Before the end of this year, we will see the Boxing Day Sales, then the January/New Year Sales…

[Video] #MarketingMonday – How to brand yourself with the other things that happen all around the world…

[Video] #MarketingMonday – How to brand yourself with the other things that happen all around the world…


Marketing Monday is new! I’ve decided to challenge myself to create more video for the new year and this is one way that will help me do that.

I’ll be sharing advice, tips, tricks and observations about all things Marketing.

Today’s is… How to brand yourself with the other things that happen all around the world…


Hi! Amanda from Koogar here. I decided over the weekend that I would like to do a Facebook Live every Monday. I have challenged myself. Video isn’t my favourite marketing tool but I’ve decided to run a Marketing Monday Facebook Live every Monday around about [11:00] and discuss various different bits and pieces and give you a tip or a trick or just help you think about marketing in a different way.

Today is about how to brand yourself with other things, other activities that are happening around the world. And what I wanted to talk about was things like we’ve just had Black Friday, we’ve had Cyber Monday and I don’t know whether you know but there is a Green Monday as well. The Green Day actually happens on the 11th of December and Green Day was started by eBay. It was started by eBay and called Green Day number one because of the colour of money and number two because the 11th of December is actually the 2nd largest Internet selling day.

A lot of people don’t know that. There are things that happen in America and across the world that we don’t actually do or get involved in like for example Singles Day.

Singles Day happens on the 11th of November and that happens over in China and again that’s one massive online eCommerce sales splurge, where people just go online on the 11th of November and spend money. Whether that’s on electric goods, clothing, cars, whatever it is, it’s on the Alibaba site if you haven’t heard of that. It’s a massive site. The site looks horrendous (it’s actually now a lot better than it was – Updated 19/01/2018) but actually it gets quite a lot of hits and it gets a lot of income and traffic as well.

The reason why we wouldn’t in the UK or in the West really wouldn’t use or decide to become part of Singles Day is because it’s run on the 11th of November and that’s the same day as Remembrance Day. Here Remembrance Day is obviously very important. It’s a sombre day. It’s a day where we remember the fallen and remember people who have been in war(s) and things like that. Having a day where you would spend a lot of money online on that day wouldn’t be appropriate for us but it is appropriate in different places.

But what I really wanted to focus on was Green Day. Again that’s on that 11th of December. That’s a week today!

Green Day as I said is the largest, or the second largest selling day. Like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, largest selling day in the world, (I repeat!) the second largest selling day in the world.

What are you going to do for Green Day?

As I said Green Day was created for eBay and created for the colour of money but also because eBay is more of a recycling thing. Selling second-hand things so they thought that it was good day. That was set up in 2007 and it’s been going on since then. Today, well next week will be the 10th year of Green Day.

I just wanted to, as I said, let you know about Green Day and ask you what you’re going to do about it. Also, a good way of helping you brand yourself and with the little things that are happening around the world is having a look at things like Project Britain. I don’t know whether you’ve heard of that.

Project Britain shares with you special days so what’s going on in the UK, what’s going on around the world, and AwarenessDays.com is a little website where you can sign up actually to get a template and various spreadsheets and tools to help you market yourself alongside things like Mental Health Day or World Aids Day or Immigration Day or all of those different kinds of things.

I’ll pop a link a little bit further down in the comments later on but I just thought I would pop in, say hello, happy Monday. Only a couple of weeks left until Christmas. Christmas is on a Monday and I shan’t be doing a #MarketingMonday on Christmas Day as I will be doing other things, just like you. Yeah, so I hope that’s helpful. Hope that’s useful.

Have a think about Green Day, which is the 11th of December, a week today and what you’re actually going to promote or tell people about. Maybe you’re going to send an email. Maybe you’re going to do a Facebook Live. Maybe you’re going to put a special offer out. Whatever it may be. Have a look at it and have a look at Green Day and see what you can do and see if you can get some more sales into your business before the end of the year.

That’s Amanda from Koogar. I hope that’s been helpful. Also just to let you know, you’ve still got a couple of days to join the Monthly Marketing Masterclasses. They start on the 8th of January and they are live Masterclasses with me discussing various marketing activities you should be doing over the next 12 months and if you sign up before December the 22nd you actually get each session for £12.50 each, which works out about £150 pounds. Well, it is £150 pounds for the year.

We’re going to be talking about email marketing, we’re going to be talking about advertising and how to find out who your perfect client is. We’re going to be talking about video, social media, branding. There’s so much that we’re going to talk about.

You have a Facebook Secret Group and you also have an Academy where you can watch the Facebook Lives at a later stage so if you either can’t make the date we will record it for you anyway but if you wanted to watch that particular one about avatars and perfect customers and all of that kind of stuff at a later time then you can do that too.

Thanks for watching and I’ll be back next Monday at [11:00]-ish to talk to you about something else.

Have a great day and I hope you can get some more customers this week before Christmas.

Take care.

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