[Video] #MarketingMonday – What is your Marketing Message?

[Video] #MarketingMonday – What is your Marketing Message?

Today’s Marketing Monday is about… What is your Marketing Message?


Hi, Amanda here from Koogar, Happy New Year number one, I hope you had a good Christmas and a good new year break. Step away from the business, have a think about what you’ve achieved, what you didn’t achieve, what you want to achieve for this year, 2018. So this is my first marketing Monday for 2018. And today I would like to talk to you about your marketing message.

So, over the Christmas period I picked up a book, I read the book Pivot by a lady called Jenny Blake, I think, and I’ve restarted reading a book called Guerrilla Marketing for Social Media. And one of the things that it talks about is the message, the message that you actually deliver, the message that you tell people about when you’re networking, when you do your 60 seconds, what’s on your website. What is the core message of your business? So I just wanted to talk about that today.

So with regards to your message, it is a massive part of your brand, so your brand isn’t just about your logo, the colours that you use for the company branding, and stationary, and all of that kind of stuff, the images that you use. It’s about the ethos of the business, it’s the philosophy of how you do business, and how you do business which is different to other people.

For example, there’s lots of people out there that do what you do, but they don’t do it in the way that you do it number one, and they don’t have your experience number two, and look, number three, they’re not you. So I know that you can’t say that the brand is all about you, because it can be, but really it should be something completely separate. You can brand you, but what I’m talking about today is your brand message, and what that actually means.

So the brand message is, again, a statement of the things that you say, the words that you use, the language that you use with regards to when you meet people, when they’re reading your content, when they’re visiting your website, on your social media. All the different platforms. So one of the things that it said in the Guerrilla Marketing for Social Media books is that it mentioned about your message, and can you actually Tweet your message, is your message an easy message to remember? What do people know you for? How do people explain to other people who you are and what you do and how you do it?

So, for example, our message, it’s just on our little mini roller banner, and what it says is…

We specialise in customer journey and experiences using traditional and digital marketing activities. Combined traditional and digital marketing activities.

So that’s quite simple, and that’s also a conversation starter in a network meeting, it’s on our website so that people understand what it is that we do, or can do for them, the results we can do for them.

So is your message easy number one to understand? Number two, do you have to explain it? So, what do you need to do to change your message so that people understand it a little bit better? So what I wanted to talk about today was how can you get it into 140 characters (I do know the length of a tweet has now changed), like a Tweet? Something that’s really easy and quick, so that people number one remember it, number two it’s easy to say, and you don’t have to explain yourself.

So I just wanted to talk to you about that, and just ask you is that something that you’ve done? Is that something that you need to work on for the new year? Is it something that you want to tweak, that you’ve already done that you think actually we need to have a look at this again?

So have a think about your marketing message, because it’s really important. And the reason why it’s important is because if you’re not using the right words, you’re not using the right terminology, not in terms of jargon, because if you use jargon then sometimes people won’t actually understand what you’re saying, but if you use the right terminology, their words, your customers words, and how they expect to talk about you or expect to see you, or expect to read about you, if you can use their words to explain how you are and what you do, it’s going to be a lot easier. Which means that they’ll remember you better, they’ll be able to explain to other people who you are better, and they’ll be able to get you. And that’s what you want, you want customers to get you.

So have a think about writing your marketing message in a Tweet. What is it that you do? Say it in 140 characters, and maybe start using it in a networking or a 60 seconds on your business card and your marketing material. So I hope you found that useful.

The other thing I just wanted to let you know is I wrote a blog last year with regards to eleven ways on kick starting your marketing any time of the year. So it’s about eleven steps that you can do to start your marketing again. So sometimes, when we take that time away from the business, we’ve been off for Christmas, we’ve been off for new year, some people may have worked. If you have or you haven’t, and you want to kick-start that marketing again, I’m going to share the link just below this Facebook video, just so that you can have a look at it and say to yourself “Okay, what do I need to do to kick-start my marketing again?” Because sometimes it’s overwhelming.

I opened my email inbox this morning, because today’s the first day back for me in business, and oh my gosh, I have got so many emails that I’ve got to get through. I’ve had a couple of people ring me saying “Have you received my email?” And I’ve said “Yes, but today is my first day back,” so there’s a lot going on. But actually, you also want to get new customers, you want to re-engage with the customers, or potential customers, that were interested in what you did last year, a couple of weeks ago. So how can you do that? How can you engage it? So I’ll share that link to that blog, 11 ways to kick-start your marketing any time of the year, and you don’t have to do it for January, you could do it in July if you want, it’s basically for people who get a little bit stuck in a routine, maybe overwhelmed, not sure what to do, but it’s just a good way of kick starting your marketing again.

And the third thing that I wanted to share with you is a bit of technology, because I think technology’s always a good thing to try and test out. So over the last two weeks, we’ve been using a different piece of technology, called Get Response. So that has things like email marketing, it has landing pages in, webinars in, contacts. It’s got a C.R.M (Customer Relationship Management Tool) inside it. So instead of having a C.R.M and all these different things in separate places, we’ve actually pulled it together and put it into one place, so we only have to log on to one area. So what I’m saying to you is do you have to log in to lots of difference places, or are you logging in to one area? Which technology do you use?

As I said, we’ve just started using Get Response, I’m quite excited about what that’s going to bring to us for 2018, because it’s also got automation in and, and things like that. So what do you use? And do you have a C.R.M? Because a C.R.M is another great way of connecting with people who were interested in what you do, but aren’t ready yet. It’s a great way of nurturing them, and making sure that they’re still on your list, that you’re drip feeding some information to them on a regular basis, but they’re getting enough information so that when they are ready, they will convert to you and work with you in the future.

So that was a bit of technology that I just wanted to share. And finally, today, I delivered my first webinar masterclass for the Koogar Academy. So the Koogar Academy is basically twelve masterclasses over the months in 2018. I delivered my first one this morning. So I had nine people who booked on, we’ve got 21 people who joined in December, which is absolutely fantastic, I’m really pleased with it. But today we talked about the 3 M’s, and I’ve just uploaded the masterclass so that they can watch it again in the website, because the Koogar Academy has their own website so they can go and watch it again, and we’ve got the Facebook group, lots of conversations going on over there, lots of actions being taken.

So, just wanted to let you know, if you wanted to join that at any time, you can join now if you wanted, you can join in a couple of months time if you wanted, but you’ll always get access to watch stuff that we’ve already done, and access to the closed Facebook group as well.

So, today, this month, this week, whenever you have time, what I want you to think about is the marketing message that you’re trying to get people to understand, tell other people about, and just make it easy for them. Try and get it in a Tweet, okay?

So happy Monday, have an awesome week, this is my first week back, if it’s yours have a great time, and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Take Care.

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Sadly, Koogar is saying Goodbye to a member of their team

Hi there!

As many of you will know I started working with Koogar in February, on a student work placement (hopefully you may remember my diary entries).  However, sadly my time with Koogar is coming to an end as of Friday 15th October as I’m off to pastures new.

I started off by doing Koogar’s marketing and helping organise events such as workshops.  However, as my time progressed I began updating the website, going along with Amanda to meetings, starting to network and, of course, becoming Koogar’s first in-house copywriter and employee.  Since that time I’ve worked with a number of clients on their website content, met hundreds of people whilst out at different networking events and learnt so much as Koogar’s Copywriting and Marketing Consultant.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Koogar and Amanda has been instrumental in my development, through my role within the company to personal development.  Amanda even let me loose on networking events as well as some of you!  All of which has boosted my confidence, knowledge and skills.

Koogar have some really exciting products and new marketing techniques up their sleeve so I’ll definitely be keeping in touch to see how things are coming along.

So, I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to the Koogar team, especially Amanda as without her guidance and support I would not have been successful in attaining my new opportunity.

Thank you again,


Koogar’s New Recruit

Some of you may have realised that I stopped writing in my diary last week and the days leading up to that were all very cloak and dagger, well I can now (finally) spill the beans!

As many of you know, I have been on a work placement with Koogar for the past three months.   Well I am very pleased to announce that I have been offered a job with Koogar, offering copywriting and marketing services.  As you can imagine I am thrilled and extremely excitied to become part of the team and hope I can generate new business for Koogar and help Koogar expand.

Despite coming into the office in the horrible weather (with an umbrella, which to be honest is on it’s last legs) I was really excited.  However, when I walked into the office I was greeted with my new business cards, new name badges and a lovely congratulations card from Amanda, which increased my excitedness and gave me an even bigger boost to kick start my first day!

I’m hoping to meet clients soon in order to introduce myself and the new services Koogar has to offer.  My employment has led Koogar in a new and different direction in terms of being able to offer an in house copywriter as well as offering marketing advice to clients. 

So that’s me, Koogar’s newest member.  Hopefully I’ll speak to/meet some of you soon!

Laura Allen is now working with Koogar

Laura Allen is an English student who is coming to work with Koogar over the next three months. She will be working on a range of different things, from new products, event organisation and copy writing.

Read more below to find out a little more about Laura.

My full name is Laura Jane Allen and I was born in Liverpool, in Allerton and lived here until I was 18. This was when I moved to Hull to go to university for a 3 year degree, but stayed on an extra year where I got a job working with American Express.

I chose to go to Hull University on the advice from a 6th form tutor, so my Mum and I drove over there and took at look at the facilities. We liked it and this was where I completed my English degree.

My ideal job would be to become a Chief Editor within a publishing house, looking after books… not papers or magazines, but I don’t mind trying it out. I would love to work with Penguin, but would also love to work for another publishing house down in London. I think to start with I would like to have a job in Liverpool first and then I can move on to other places.

Ideally I would like to work in the North East. I love Yorkshire, the people are laid back along with the lifestyle and everyone is friendly.

I found information on the Radio City website which talked about graduate training with a company called Blue Orchid. I called and spoke to Jo who then told me about a Marketing position going within Koogar. To be honest I wasn’t sure about marketing to begin with but once Jo explained the type of work I could be doing I wanted to know more. She talked about copy writing, working with local businesses and offering advice.

I applied to work with Koogar because you gave a list of things that I would potentially be working on which helped me understand a little more about marketing and how I could fit in. I would like to work with smaller companies by giving them support and would also like to have a look at the web/Internet side of things. Never thought of this aspect before.

My role model would be a tutor from University. When she came into the room to speak she gained a massive amount of respect and had a great presence on the stage… All this by just walking into a room.

I inspire to be a Copy Editor within a publishing house, but you never know… that might change. I’m finding more and more things that I haven’t known about before. I would love to work with and help people who write for hobbies. I would give them help and support them with ideas and reviewing their copy too.

A friend of my mums got me a picture of Liverpool docks in 1912ish as a present and told me to “Never forget where you come from”. Its something I will always remember and live by.

Koogar is very excited to be working with Laura as she has a lot of ideas and new skills to bring to the company. I’m sure you will give her a warm welcome if you ever meet her or speak to her on the telephone.