I’d like to put a face to your name… What is Gravatar?

Gravatar screenshotIf you have a CMS (Content Managed System) website or blog, or comment on blogs and news articles that belong to other people, then this article is for you.

As you may or may not know, commenting on others blogs actually helps our ranking and status online in four ways:

#1: giving our opinion to others and showing off our expertise

#2: starting or joining in the conversation

#3: leaving a link back to our website on their website or blog, which means at the very least they will click onto see who you are and what you do if they haven’t come across you before which leads me onto the final benefit…

#4: more hits/traffic to your website with potential sharing and further investigation

Getting people to comment on our blogs and articles is difficult. Most of us have a concern that our audience won’t agree or like what we have written (but this is what makes us all different), so we don’t promote it as much as we should.

You also have to be aware that it takes time to leave our thoughts with other people. As you know, time is precious so we need to use it as best we can. I know 2-5 minutes to leave a comment  isn’t a lot of time but sometimes we can think that doing something is going to take us a lot longer then it actually would, which means the majority of people just won’t bother. Its the thinking time that takes the time, not the typing.

You should be commenting on someone else’s blog at least once a week to join in the conversation, gain new followers, make friends and new peers by being interested in what others have to say.

We also know that people buy from people, which means we like to do business with people we like and are relevant to us. This is what I call the 3-5 second rule. As soon as we look at someone we know instantly (within 3-5 seconds) if we like them or not.

So once you have left your comment on someone else’s website why not also show them WHO you are by creating a free account over at Gravatar! All you need to do is upload a photograph/image that you are happy with and once you have done that, your face or your logo will start showing up on websites and blogs you comment on (like in the image below);

What is gravatar (Koogar)

So what is Gravatar?

Taken from their website – An “avatar” is an image that represents you online—a little picture that appears next to your name when you interact with websites.

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar.

Gravatar uses your email address and assigns one photograph/image to that email address, which means you can have a number of different Gravatars for different emails addresses within your Gravatar profile. Using an avatar will help you build your brand online and you will get noticed a little more.

Now that we are using a variety of platforms online that uses an image of some sort, we can recognise those people and accounts a lot quicker by seeing their avatar or profile picture. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook all have their own versions but essentially they still display an image.

So for brand recognition… sign up to Gravatar, it’s FREE!

You can use either a photograph of yourself or logo. In my opinion, adding a professional photograph of yourself would be the best option for the majority. As humans we look for similarities and symmetry in others’ faces. The faces we relate to more are the ones we are drawn to, which naturally makes a face online more interesting to look at and investigate further.

Just to say; I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use your logo. On the contrary, a logo should be used in certain circumstances. For example; some of us don’t like our photo taken and wouldn’t dream of adding it to our profiles, larger brands don’t yet have a face for its company, so this is where a logo is more appropriate.

Bloggers of the world are happy to display photographs of themselves so you can put a name to a face, but do make sure you do put YOUR name to YOUR face. Online we can be whoever we want to be but as business owners, bloggers, team members, marketing managers and the like we NEED to “walk our talk” for the company we are promoting. #beauthentic

WordPress isn’t the only online platform that uses Gravatar, there are a number of other platforms online that use this functionality like Hootsuite amongst others, but it is mainly used for blogging including publishers and commenter’s.

Finally, having a Gravatar ensures that the person who is commenting or publishing has a REAL email address, so more often than not they are a real person leaving you a comment.

I hear clients and peers constantly talk about the amount of spam comments they are receiving through their inbox and on their dashboards. To make sure your comments do not hit the spam filter, create your Gravatar today and stand out from the crowd!

Digital Alphabet: “C” is for CMS (Content Managed Systems)

You might have heard us say “We create websites you can edit yourself…” in a Networking Event sometime.

A CMS or otherwise known as “Content Managed System” website allows the user/client to update the website as and when you want without having to constantly ask your web designer for assistance.

Over three years ago Koogar recognised the advantages of CMS for our clients and other business people.

  1. Not having to wait 3-6 weeks for the update to happen – For example; you would have the ability to add special offers on the website for a certain period of time
  2. SEO – (Search Engine Optimisation) Friendly – Search Engines like websites with constantly changing content they will come back more often to find out what your up to and then report back to HQ and help your website move up the ranks.
  3. Become the person to speak to – By changing your content frequently, you will be keeping your followers, clients and potential customers up-to-date with whats happening within your company, if you have a new product or if you have a special offer on.
  4. Long term saving of money – It might be more expensive to have a CMS built for you but it WILL save you money in the long run. Think about it, your company will grow, get more products to sell, staff to help out. Thinking of the bigger picture sooner is always better. P.P.P.P.P.P – Perfect planning prevents p**-poor performance!

Initially a CMS website will cost extra as it takes longer to setup for the clients requirements. Once the bulk of the site is set up and the client is trained you can then add as much or as little as you like. Remembering Search Engines like changing content/text.

At Koogar we also provide an “After Care Plan” that is there for us to make sure your site is running as smoothly as possible but to also be there to answer any questions and amend other parts of the site that may need technical attention.