[Podcast ITI 0004] 11 ways to kick-start your marketing ANYTIME of the year!

[Podcast ITI 0004] 11 ways to kick-start your marketing ANYTIME of the year!

Listening Time – 35 minutes and 3 seconds

I am asked nearly every day the same question…

What would you do in my business to market it and get new clients?

Unfortunately, the answer is different for every business, there is no blueprint to marketing. There are blueprints on HOW to do something but not on marketing as a whole.

As a business owner, you know your business more than anyone else, you understand how you want to be perceived and the type of clients you want. Think about these things and be where the clients you want are!

If you’ve not done marketing for a while or are a little stuck with regards to what to do next, this podcast is for you!

Grab your pen, notepad and be prepared to pause this podcast as there are a number of things you need to be doing during and certainly after!


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Topics covered in ITI0003:

  1. Click for the full list of the 11 ways to kick-start your marketing ANYTIME of the year
  2. Buy the "Eat that Frog" book from Amazon

2010 Year of Health & Wellbeing: Be active in getting your clients

Be active…

in getting your clients. Don’t sit around the office waiting for clients to come to you, get out there and find them. Take a walk and introduce yourself to your business neighbours, skip between networking events and make people aware of who you and your business are.

We are very active when it comes to potential, new and existing clients. Firstly we network to meet potential clients and get our name and faces out there at the same time. Secondly we travel to see our clients for meetings or to see how their business is developing.

Now although most of this travel is done via transport and still, therefore, involving sitting around, but in a different environment, we still walk to and from train stations and can, on occasion, be seen walking the streets of Liverpool with roller banner and laptop in hand.

The point is that we don’t just wait for the phone to ring or rely on referrals and word of mouth; we get out there and actively seek out our clients.

Remember, being active makes you feel good as it releases ‘happy’ hormones, positively affecting the wellbeing of your business. So at least when you leave the office to seek out potential clients you’ll have a smile on your face!


Marketing Tip #20: Offers your clients can’t refuse

It may seem like a small thing to do and some may find it trivial, but offering potential clients something they may not get from their competitors can make all the difference. 

It could be something as simple as a free trial of a product so a person can test your product, but also your company.  If they like the product they will like your company and may recommend you to friends and family.

It’s all about giving clients that little bit extra.  For example, when you stay at a hotel and they have prepared the room for you; turned back the duvet, put a mint on your pillow (if you’re lucky) and so on, it makes you feel special and that they’ve gone out of their way to make you feel so.

We offer a FREE 1 hour consultation for every client with no strings attached.  This way a potential client can voice all their concerns and questions before paying for any of the services we offer and, of course, deciding if we’re the company for them.  We can then get a good idea of what the client wants and needs to make sure we get the concept right first time.

So remember, a little can go a long way…

How well do you know your clients?

Do you understand your client?

Had a fantastic 1-2-1 with a new member of BNI and also had a great conversation it was about knowing your clients and making sure you cater for all of them as they are all different.

Karen from Adaptive Comms split clients up into 4 categories:

  1. Peacocks
  2. Bulls
  3. Sheep
  4. Owls

Which one do you think you are? and before we carry on yea all of us have some amount of sheep within us! Its true!