Marketing Tip #1: Case Studies

Marketing Tip #1: Case Studies

koogar-magnifyingglassCase studies are a great way to get to know your clients individually, personally and WILL help you build your business relationship with them.

So, the question is HOW do you get your client to work with you to help you create the case study?

First things first – Remind your client about the benefits of creating a case study and what they can do with it once it has been completed.

For example; the case study can shown on completion to their senior management or board of directors which then demonstrates that not only are they innovative and forward thinking solution-oriented, and focused on marketing and growing the business but also shows how successful working with your company has been which also means that you NEED to ensure that when working with ANY client they get real and tangible benefits of working with you.

These can then be used within your marketing materials and website but also used in proposals for NEW clients who want to work with you.

Watch this video about Case Studies – 13minutes and 12seconds

The second step you should take is create a straight forward and simple questionnaire (Check out  Marketing Tip #10), that you would write in an “interview style” so you can send it to your client BEFORE you diarize your meeting to get your questions answered. Alternatively, if the client is not able to spend time with you going through the questionnaire, send it to them in an email for them to fill in once you have completed a service for them or use Survey Monkey to get a digital response.

The information you require and should gather to create your case study itself should include:

  • the clients background
  • a logo
  • a picture
  • a quote
  • why they chose to work with you
  • what they expected from working with you
  • what they gained from the experience
  • the results you got for them

Once you have all the information you require, you can then turn the answers into a story and create the case study for that industry you have just worked with.

Case studies are great to keep in a portfolio, to use on your website and add into your proposals to new clients showing you how you have worked with other businesses like them.

Why not take a look at our case studies on the Koogar website.

Laura’s Diary: Day 5 – VERY productive day

Today has been a very busy, but very productive day for me!

I’m pleased to say that I have finalised the wording on another marketing campaign, which will hopefully be produced and ready in the next few weeks so I can finally talk to you in detail about some of the things I’m doing.

I have also updated some details on MyWirralHub for one of its upcoming events in March.  Although this sounds relatively simple and mundane I’m excited because now I am able to log into the site and update anything or create anything that the site needs, which is great- another string to my bow sort of thing!

I have proofread a couple of client case studies, which I spent a couple of hours on , but I love proofreading and editing anything so was in my element for these two hours.  Koogar has now created two new pages on the website – one dedicated to client testimonials and the other case studies.  I have introduced these two subjects with a small blurb and the case studies page now has a case study from a client on there, which is great and should hopefully be posted on the website (as it’s only been saved at the moment) within the next couple of days.

The testimonials look quite exciting and I know I know…how exciting can they be??? Well from my point of view…very! I came across some different styles of presenting your client testimonials which Amanda saw me looking at and now she is designing our own Koogar style testimonials for our new page!

I have finally started to look at prospective client questionnaires, which I am going to be re-wording in the near future so future clients…watch out for this!

Although it’s been a hectic day, especially for Amanda, it’s been very interesting.  I am looking into Koogar becoming part of an online magazine in order to raise our profile, but everything looks promising and Amanda is excited too, which is a great sign!