Koogar’s Rebrand is Complete

Koogar’s Rebrand is Complete

As the leaves fall to the ground in preparation of the winter, the earth tilts. It’s time for change… A rebrand for Koogar.

“Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice”

What does Rebranding mean?

Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, concept or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders.

It is not just about evolving a logo, colours and visuals. It’s about ethos, purpose, mission, principles and message.

All of which have changed for Koogar for many reasons. Some business, most personal.

The process includes our thoughts, feelings, questions we are asking and answering.

I’m not going to lie, this process is so much easier when we do it for our clients than it is for ourselves. We want to get it right so it allows us to speak our truth and be seen by our perfect clients. So it’s back to the drawing board.

I wrote this in November 2019… and now I’m ready to show you how Koogar has evolved!

11 Steps to Rebranding

  1. Why now?
  2. Reflect
  3. Audience
  4. Message
  5. USP
  6. Strap line
  7. Vision, Values and Mission
  8. Offering
  9. Logo and Colour Pallet
  10. Visuals and Style
  11. Release

So as you can see there is a lot to go through to get to your final result. A lot of thinking, designing, trying and testing, sitting and waiting and then… you’ll notice it come together.

What our Logo means to us

We have redesigned out logo to match Amanda, along with her values and beliefs.

We have become more defined, fluid, centred and bold.

Defined – by evolving our brand and our offering, we now know with absolute clarity who we are and what we stand for and how we best help our clients. We now have a variety of options for the Solopreneur through to the Established Business Owner.

Fluid – the font has changed to an oriental handwritten font to match Amanda’s love for graphology and to ensure that everything we do with you, or for you; is integrated, organic, sustainable and the natural order of flow for you and your clients.

Centred – our colour pallet has been derived from the Chakras (the body’s natural energy centres), to align you with your brand and business. Giving you clarity, confidence and consistency with your life and business. We also bring empathy and intention with us in everything we do, this is something we do naturally.

Bold – we are now who we have always meant to be. We pride ourselves on our openness, honest opinion and approach to business. This is what our clients come to us for, even if we talk ourselves out of business. Our sole priority is to serve you and your needs and to to it well with honesty, integrity and authenticity.

Our message is simple

We are here to make marketing manageable by integrating your marketing to influence your audience.

Integrated Marketing is about pulling all marketing elements together, and is a combination of traditional and digital marketing activities. When assembled well, marketing integration creates an organic and natural customer journey for your target audience to follow.

Using our Marketing Integration Eco-System™, we take potential customers from being “interested” in what you do to buy from you… and then refer you on!

Let me know what you think…

Next Steps…

My next step is to get our website to match our new brand and offerings. We have already started telling people about them and they are being received well.

I’ll be in touch with the next instalment soon.


[Video] #MarketingMonday – Brand Consistency and WHY it’s important…

[Video] #MarketingMonday – Brand Consistency and WHY it’s important…

Today’s Marketing Monday is about… Brand Consistency and why its important…


Hi, Amanda here from Koogar.

Today is “Marketing Monday,” so, I wanted to discuss brand consistency and how important it is. Everybody has a brand, everybody who runs a business has a brand, but a brand isn’t just about the logo that you have, the colours that you use. The brand is actually about a lot of different things, so the brand should consist of the message. I spoke about message last week and how you can make it as impactful as possible.

Your brand consists of your values, the values that the company has, the ethos the company has, the reasons why your company does the things in the way that your company does it. You’ve got the brand USP, what is your unique selling point or unique selling proposition, what makes you, you.

You’ve got the marketing elements of the brand. That includes all the marketing activities, all the different bits and pieces that you do, whether it’s social, direct mail, telephone, website, all of those different kinds of things, and actually, the final thing is the brand identity.

What does your brand stand for? Who do you stand for in terms of who are the perfect customers, who are the perfect clients that you want? So, brand isn’t just about logo. It’s not just about those tile-y things that you sit with a graphic designer and spend that time with. However, it has got to do with a lot of other bits and pieces.

What I wanted to talk about today was first impressions.

A brand is something that you want people to see and you want people to recognise.

Every single Business Owner that I speak to wants that. They want people to remember the company name, they want them to remember your name. Even if they don’t remember your name they’ll remember your face or your business card or your website, or they’ve heard of you, yeah? A lot of people want that. So, a first impression is really important, and there is that saying that you never get a second chance to give a first impression.

So, what I thought I’d talk to you about today is brand consistency and how it’s important, and sometimes it’s not just about putting everything that you possibly can on to a flyer, leaflet, website, a presentation. It’s not just about overloading the person who’s looking at that thing, whatever that may be, with information about you, ’cause sometimes less is more.

What you actually want to do is give them a clear consistent, concise message of who you are, what you do, how you do it and how your brand is different from everybody else’s. Because, there are a lot of other people out there that do what you do, but they don’t do it in the way that you do it. They don’t do business in the way that you do it. They haven’t got your experience, they haven’t got your life experience as well as work experience. So, there’s a lot of things that you do differently and just because they do marketing or coaching or videography or film or whatever, it doesn’t mean that they work in the same way. So, brand consistency is huge.

One of the things that I’d like you to think about, is, now that it’s the new year, I know that we’re a few weeks in, we’re in what, third week in, now it’s a new year, what I’d like you to consider is go through all of your social media profiles, Facebook, your Facebook page, your group, Linkedin, your personal page and your company page if you have one, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, all of those different things.

I want you to go through all of those things and have a look at your brand consistency. Is the right logo on your social media platforms? Is it the right logo on your website? Are you upgrading or are you changing or are you tweaking? What do you need to do so that every single thing that people see, the touch-points that people see of yours are consistent? Because what you don’t want them to do is that you don’t want them to click on either Instagram or whatever, and they don’t see your icon, they don’t see your logo, they don’t see anything of your brand, and actually it’s more about you than about the business. Does that make sense?

So, what I’d like you to do is consider going through all of your social media and your website and your marketing materials. It’s a new year, you’ve got time to do this, it’s a bit of housekeeping. Maybe you should have done it in the tail end of last year, but what I’m saying is if you can do it now you’ve got the rest of the year that you don’t have to worry about that kind of thing.

This is something that I’m doing. This is something that I do every year at the beginning of the year. I have a look at what I’ve got, what I want to achieve, who I want to achieve it with. Is my message right, is my brand right, is it across all the different platforms that I’m on? And, does it actually tell people who I am and what I do? Will they remember me?

So, have a look at your social media platforms and double check everything! Double check that it’s all the way that it should be. Check that your Facebook page has got the right telephone number, the right email addresses, the amount of times that I’ve spoken and sat down with the business owner who hasn’t got the right telephone number on their Facebook or even an email address. How are people supposed to contact you? You’ve got to give them as many different ways in which they want to contact you. It’s not the way that you want them to contact you, unfortunately.

Have a look and make sure that all of your details are correct. Have a look that your brand images are correct, that they are actually branded, or are they just pictures that you’ve taken off free websites or paid websites and that you just put on there. Can you brand them? And if you can, do it. If you can’t, then just mention where you’ve got those images from.

Make sure that your brand message is correct. We talked about this last week, but your brand message is really important, because that’s the thing that makes people go, that’s what I want, or that’s what I need. Your brand message is what you say when you go networking. Your brand message is on your business cards, it’s on your website. It’s that thing that makes people go, “They are the person that I want.”

Make sure that that brand message is across all the different platforms that you use and in all the marketing materials as well.

Make sure that everything’s up to date, because if it’s not, there’s nothing worse than potentially missing a bit of business because they’ve rang the wrong phone number, or they’ve tried to send you an email, and they haven’t been able to get through to you, okay? So, make sure that everything is as branded as it possibly could be.

And then finally, with those brands, with the consistency that you’re putting out, tell people that you’re doing it. Tell people that things have changed slightly or that you’re looking to tweak, or these are new services that you’re doing in the future, but one thing I want to make sure that you do is make sure that you have a call to action. It’s great to put social media out there. It’s great to tell people that you’re doing different things, but actually have a call to action. Tell people what you would like them to do once they’ve read your message, seen your brand, read a leaflet, flier, been on your website, what is the next step? What do you actually want them to do?

That’s it for brand consistency today. I just wanted to talk about that because I think it’s really important. As a graphic designer I see a lot of bad graphics, just going to say. I see a lot of bad graphics, and I see a lot of things that I think, whether people have done it themselves, it just doesn’t look right, and that consistency is so important. You just don’t want people to go, “Are you that company that does this or is that somebody else?” You want them to be 100% that is definitely Amanda, that is definitely [Scott [00:07:36], that is definitely [Joanne [00:07:36], okay?

So, that’s what you want, brand consistency across all of your different platforms. All of the different marketing materials that you use because those touch-points.

What are Touch-Points?

Touch-points are things that your current customer sees. So, a touch-point could be that you’ve called them, it could be that you sent them an email, they’re part of your email marketing, they’ve downloaded a free eBook, they’ve been on your website.

All of these different touch-points lead them to the end result, and the end results is them turning into a customer if they’re not a customer already. So, that’s what we want. So, that’s why it’s important to have that call to action to get them to take the next step. So, I’ve got a couple of things that people have said here. So, I’m just going to reply to those a little bit later on further down in the comments. Thank you very much for joining. I appreciate it because generally I’m here by myself. So, I’m going to carry on doing it anyway, but I appreciate you spending the time to listen.

Another thing that I just wanted to let you know is that we still have the Koogar Academy going on, and it’s going on really well. We’ve got a separate secret group going, and a lot of people are taking action, which is brilliant, because I’m telling them what to do, they have a masterclass once a month, they’ve also got four or five downloads that they could do, with exercises that they need to do, and they’re going through it. They’re asking questions. It’s helping people think differently.

So, if you wanted something like that to keep you on board, to keep you on track, to make sure that you get to where you want to be, the Koogar Academy could be for you.

So, again, I’ll leave the link below to let you know if you’d like to join up. That will be great. At the moment we have 22 people joined in our group. I’m going to say it’s quite good because being part of it enables them to ask a question specifically about their business, about their industry, how would you do it if you were in this, or wanted to get this result. So, it’s about writing your questions, asking people what they think about the message that you’re putting out there or what you think about this text that I’ve sent to people. And people are actually starting to get business straight away, which is great.

So, if you want to join that, that would be brilliant. If not, no worries, just carry on watching “#MarketingMonday.”

I hope you found today useful, and I will see you soon. Take care.

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[Video] #MarketingMonday – Brand Consistency and WHY it’s important…

[Video] #MarketingMonday – How to brand yourself with the other things that happen all around the world…


Marketing Monday is new! I’ve decided to challenge myself to create more video for the new year and this is one way that will help me do that.

I’ll be sharing advice, tips, tricks and observations about all things Marketing.

Today’s is… How to brand yourself with the other things that happen all around the world…


Hi! Amanda from Koogar here. I decided over the weekend that I would like to do a Facebook Live every Monday. I have challenged myself. Video isn’t my favourite marketing tool but I’ve decided to run a Marketing Monday Facebook Live every Monday around about [11:00] and discuss various different bits and pieces and give you a tip or a trick or just help you think about marketing in a different way.

Today is about how to brand yourself with other things, other activities that are happening around the world. And what I wanted to talk about was things like we’ve just had Black Friday, we’ve had Cyber Monday and I don’t know whether you know but there is a Green Monday as well. The Green Day actually happens on the 11th of December and Green Day was started by eBay. It was started by eBay and called Green Day number one because of the colour of money and number two because the 11th of December is actually the 2nd largest Internet selling day.

A lot of people don’t know that. There are things that happen in America and across the world that we don’t actually do or get involved in like for example Singles Day.

Singles Day happens on the 11th of November and that happens over in China and again that’s one massive online eCommerce sales splurge, where people just go online on the 11th of November and spend money. Whether that’s on electric goods, clothing, cars, whatever it is, it’s on the Alibaba site if you haven’t heard of that. It’s a massive site. The site looks horrendous (it’s actually now a lot better than it was – Updated 19/01/2018) but actually it gets quite a lot of hits and it gets a lot of income and traffic as well.

The reason why we wouldn’t in the UK or in the West really wouldn’t use or decide to become part of Singles Day is because it’s run on the 11th of November and that’s the same day as Remembrance Day. Here Remembrance Day is obviously very important. It’s a sombre day. It’s a day where we remember the fallen and remember people who have been in war(s) and things like that. Having a day where you would spend a lot of money online on that day wouldn’t be appropriate for us but it is appropriate in different places.

But what I really wanted to focus on was Green Day. Again that’s on that 11th of December. That’s a week today!

Green Day as I said is the largest, or the second largest selling day. Like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, largest selling day in the world, (I repeat!) the second largest selling day in the world.

What are you going to do for Green Day?

As I said Green Day was created for eBay and created for the colour of money but also because eBay is more of a recycling thing. Selling second-hand things so they thought that it was good day. That was set up in 2007 and it’s been going on since then. Today, well next week will be the 10th year of Green Day.

I just wanted to, as I said, let you know about Green Day and ask you what you’re going to do about it. Also, a good way of helping you brand yourself and with the little things that are happening around the world is having a look at things like Project Britain. I don’t know whether you’ve heard of that.

Project Britain shares with you special days so what’s going on in the UK, what’s going on around the world, and AwarenessDays.com is a little website where you can sign up actually to get a template and various spreadsheets and tools to help you market yourself alongside things like Mental Health Day or World Aids Day or Immigration Day or all of those different kinds of things.

I’ll pop a link a little bit further down in the comments later on but I just thought I would pop in, say hello, happy Monday. Only a couple of weeks left until Christmas. Christmas is on a Monday and I shan’t be doing a #MarketingMonday on Christmas Day as I will be doing other things, just like you. Yeah, so I hope that’s helpful. Hope that’s useful.

Have a think about Green Day, which is the 11th of December, a week today and what you’re actually going to promote or tell people about. Maybe you’re going to send an email. Maybe you’re going to do a Facebook Live. Maybe you’re going to put a special offer out. Whatever it may be. Have a look at it and have a look at Green Day and see what you can do and see if you can get some more sales into your business before the end of the year.

That’s Amanda from Koogar. I hope that’s been helpful. Also just to let you know, you’ve still got a couple of days to join the Monthly Marketing Masterclasses. They start on the 8th of January and they are live Masterclasses with me discussing various marketing activities you should be doing over the next 12 months and if you sign up before December the 22nd you actually get each session for £12.50 each, which works out about £150 pounds. Well, it is £150 pounds for the year.

We’re going to be talking about email marketing, we’re going to be talking about advertising and how to find out who your perfect client is. We’re going to be talking about video, social media, branding. There’s so much that we’re going to talk about.

You have a Facebook Secret Group and you also have an Academy where you can watch the Facebook Lives at a later stage so if you either can’t make the date we will record it for you anyway but if you wanted to watch that particular one about avatars and perfect customers and all of that kind of stuff at a later time then you can do that too.

Thanks for watching and I’ll be back next Monday at [11:00]-ish to talk to you about something else.

Have a great day and I hope you can get some more customers this week before Christmas.

Take care.

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