[Podcast ITI 0002] Who is Koogar and how you can recognise your achievements

[Podcast ITI 0002] Who is Koogar and how you can recognise your achievements

Listening Time – 23 minutes and 9 seconds

Koogar was established in 2006 to give Business Owners and Marketing Managers throughout the Northwest of England and beyond a presence on and offline that they deserve.

As a professional Web Designer with over 18 years experience in the digital field, Amanda wants to inspire, educate and deliver an experience to clients who wanted more from their marketing.

There is an exercise at the end of this podcast so grab your notepad and pen!

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Topics covered in ITI0002:

  1. Who is Koogar?
  2. Where did the name Koogar come from?
  3. Amanda’s Story
  4. Koogar’s Expertise
  5. Recommended Reading: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
  6. The action I would like you to take: What is your story? Write down your journey and tell people who you are and how you came to be. Share it on your website, on social media and with your marketing materials. This exercise will help you see your achievements and what you have done to get to where you are today!
  7. Business Women of the Year
  8. Amanda’s Book: To be released in 2017!
  9. People buy from people and we all use what we call “The 3-5 Second Rule”


[Podcast ITI 0002] Who is Koogar and how you can recognise your achievements

[Podcast ITI 0001] Hire your Dream Team – Interview with Nicola Mullarkey

Listening Time – 28 minutes and 58 seconds

Welcome to the first of many Podcasts with Koogar. Integrate to Influence or ITI for short will be talking all things marketing with some business thrown in for good measure.

This Podcast is an interview with Nicola Mullarkey who is The Honest Recruiter who will be sharing great tips in taking on your first person, whether that is in part-time, full-time or freelance employment.

Grab a cuppa or press play on your app and enjoy!

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Topics Covered in ITI0001:

  1. What are YOUR Core Values - what are they?
  2. How to know what you want your new team member to do?
  3. What do you hate doing, What are you not keen on?
  4. Making sure your new Team Member is on track?
  5. Review with your new team member
  6. Do your values line up with your new person?
  7. Have they got the right ATTITUDE?
  8. How do you attract the RIGHT people to your business?
  9. Effective Interview Techniques

Email Nicola Mullarkey on nicola@thehonestrecriter.com.


Sadly, Koogar is saying Goodbye to a member of their team

Hi there!

As many of you will know I started working with Koogar in February, on a student work placement (hopefully you may remember my diary entries).  However, sadly my time with Koogar is coming to an end as of Friday 15th October as I’m off to pastures new.

I started off by doing Koogar’s marketing and helping organise events such as workshops.  However, as my time progressed I began updating the website, going along with Amanda to meetings, starting to network and, of course, becoming Koogar’s first in-house copywriter and employee.  Since that time I’ve worked with a number of clients on their website content, met hundreds of people whilst out at different networking events and learnt so much as Koogar’s Copywriting and Marketing Consultant.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Koogar and Amanda has been instrumental in my development, through my role within the company to personal development.  Amanda even let me loose on networking events as well as some of you!  All of which has boosted my confidence, knowledge and skills.

Koogar have some really exciting products and new marketing techniques up their sleeve so I’ll definitely be keeping in touch to see how things are coming along.

So, I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to the Koogar team, especially Amanda as without her guidance and support I would not have been successful in attaining my new opportunity.

Thank you again,


Marketing Tip #26: You’ve used new technology to help your business so how about going back to old school techniques?

Business in this day and age focuses a lot on new media, new technology and the age of digital everything.  These are great tools to utilize in order to promote and market your business extremely well, but what about behind the scenes of your business?  How do you analyse your target market?  How do you keep track of profits?

This is where going back to using old school techniques can help!

There are many programs and softwares that can help you to manage every aspect of your business and track what is working and what isn’t within it.  Excel is a key example of such programs; it enables users to create spreadsheets in order to track and display information, users can perform analysises on risk, target market, competitors and so on as well as performing numerous other functions.

The beauty with technology is that programs such as Excel, although outdate the new digital era,  are able to be updated with new programs being created all the time to help businesses from start ups to established take control of their businesses’ behind the scenes.

For more information on how programs such as Excel can help your business tune in to RedShiftRadio tomorrow, Tuesday 21st September from 10AM, where our very own Amanda Daniels will be discussing the subject in more detail with her guest Traci Williams from Excel Ace.

Jonathan interviewed Amanda from Koogar

Jonathan interviewed Amanda Daniels, the founder of Koogar. Please read on to see what he found out!

Amanda Daniels owns and works for Koogar, which is a digital marketing company which specializes in website design and developement. Amanda works with her partner Andy, currently from a home office and the company has been running full time for 9 months, but in total 3 years.

Before Amanda set up her own business, she was a web designer of 7 years, this involved her being part of a team where she was produced insurance websites, working with big clients such as HSBC. Amanda felt that she was starting to lose some of her design and creative skills as these websites had to have strict structures, therefore decided to move away from this and set up her own company to retrieve some of these skills.

Amanda wanted to help other businesses as she felt that companies were getting over charged for websites. Amanda felt that as she had experience working for big companies that she would be able to provide better websites for businesses cost effectively. Amanda prides her self on presentation as she feels that this is key to what she does.