Are you looking for Social Media Training, Strategy, Planning and/or support that is customised for you / your team, specifically developed for YOUR business / industry, that will NOT ONLY save you time and money but will also help you create structure and plan to follow?

Brilliant, you are in the right place…

We concentrate on strategy to help you get the results you want.

Our training is for people at ALL levels of marketing, like:

  • Apprentices working in your business, who have a qualification but not yet hands-on experience. They may be a beginner and want to take your social to the next level
  • Marketing Managers wanting to expand their knowledge and build upon what they already know and are well versed in social but need some guidance and support to ensure they are on the right track, doing the right things and want new/up-to-date ideas
  • Business Owners and Managing Directors who currently use social on a regular basis and believe they could use it more effectively to get more from it. You want to learn more about strategy and using Social Media to the business’ advantage

We originally commissioned Amanda to provide Social Media Training for our new company. What we got was much more than this! She was able to get the team thinking strategically about the company and how this could then be translated into content on Social Media. An excellent session and great value for money

Clare Doyle

Perito Property Ltd

Let’s set Expectations

What we will do…

We will show you;

  • why you should be doing Social Media (and the answer isn’t because everyone else is). There is a lot more to it, but you already knew that
  • the psychology behind it – how and why people make the decisions they make
  • which platform(s) are best for you and your business
  • how to get the most out of the platforms you are using
  • how to integrate your social with the other marketing activities your business carry’s out
  • to create the right kind of content your customers are looking for
  • how to create a strategy and set marketing goals
  • what you need to concentrate on first to make sure everything else is easier
  • tips, tricks and strategies for businesses using social
  • social jargon and how to understand it
  • how to gain more brand awareness
  • get rid of time wasting activities and show you how to do more faster

and more…

We will also be direct and straight talking… Our job is to help you get results quickly, not to hang round and waste time.

If this is what you are looking for, we can certainly help!


What we will not do…

We will not do your Social Media for you and there is a reason for that.

The act of “doing” Social Media isn’t the difficult part. If you sat at your desk for a few hours, you could work out how to use each platform over time. Doing Social Media is a time-based issue. For this you may need someone to help you get your time back like an apprentice or administration assistant.

The problem most have with social, is that they don’t know what to say, how to get business or have a plan or strategy in place…

That’s where we come in… As I mentioned before we concentrate on strategy.

The training and advice given was top class and I could not fault it. Our speaker Amanda was very approachable and honest with her responses. She approached the topics through the eyes of the buyer/client rather than one size fits all approach. It was more ‘Who is your client, what do they experience, how will they respond’ etc. The course was well thought out and structured to get the most out of the time available. Highly Recommended!

Neill Monks

(Financial Industry)

Our Social Media Services

We know that EVERY business is different and along with your business and marketing goals and the K.P.I.’s you set for yourselves, the type of training or support WILL differ!

We come directly to you and deliver professional Social Media training based on YOUR business needs.


Growth 1:1 Sessions

For those working individually. Please see our Growth page for more information.


In-House Group Training

Ideal for groups of 4 people or more people. Please see our Guide page for more information.


One-off Strategic Support

This is where you might have identified a problem with your Social Media and need our assistance to rectify the problem and create a more effective Social Media strategy. This works on a one-off basis and is totally tailored to the problems you are experiencing with your current Social Media.

On-going Strategic Support

Alternatively, we offer on-going strategic support. This is a more complete service whereby we act as a support network and your outsourced strategic team for your Social Media, but this can extend into your whole marketing strategy.

We work with you on a regular basis (minimum sessions are 2 hours at least once a month) to help you understand what your Social Media is for, how it can be more effective, and what successful Social Media looks like.

We will also work with you to produce a fresh Social Media strategy and content, completely focused on your target audience and constantly updated and tweaked to ensure it is engaging with your target audience as effectively as possible.

I have taken part in a 2 Day Social Media programme provided by Koogar and I can say that it was absolutely brilliant! The sky is the limit when it comes to this ever-changing topic and to have some helpful guidance to move forward and develop our online stance was greatly appreciated. Amanda is the queen of digital marketing and I was glad to have experienced her knowledge and passion for Social Media.

Charlotte Skinner

(Jewellery Industry)

Frequently Asked Social Media Questions

What kind of help do you need with Social? Strategy, Planning, How To, Hands-On Training or a bit of everything?

The simple answer to this question is, “Yes we do!”

We’ve trained over a thousand Business Owners and Marketing Managers to not only use Social Media for Business but also;

  • how to create a Social Media Strategy
  • how to create a Social Media Calendar
  • how to create content for Social Media

And also cover specific niches including;

  • Jewellers
  • Food and Drink Businesses
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Artists

We have four options to choose from;

  • 2 hour Sessions (Minimum)
  • Half Day Sessions
  • Full Day Sessions
  • 2 Day Sessions

In the 2 hour session we will cover your agenda and the questions you have around Social Media, as well as answer any and all questions you have around social media platforms, content creation, who, how and when too.

The Half Day, Full Day and 2 Day come with a set outline we follow to ensure we touch on the questions you have about; target audience, measuring, how to get business, why you should blog, what to say, how to create content that gets engagement, integration into your website. which tools you should be using and much more…

All sessions are tailored to you, your team, your business and of course, your industry!

Depending on which type of training you go for, depends on what we cover.

What kind of help do you need?

  • Strategy?
  • Planning?
  • Hands-On?
  • How To?
  • Or a combination of all of the above?

We’ve found over the years that in the 2 hour Sessions, we cover all the questions that the individual/team have when it comes to Social Media… plus ideas and suggestions for them to move forward.

With the Half Day Sessions will have part of the Basics but more Strategy and Content Creation in them.

The Full Day Sessions will have a set agenda as we appreciate every business has diverse needs and levels of requirements.

The 2 Day Sessions are set to our agenda as we have a lot to cover in those two days. Also, the delegates have homework to do for the morning of the 2nd day.

WARNING: This option of training is not for the faint hearted. It’s for those who want to ramp up, take action and be seen!

Yes, we can…

When training groups and teams in Digital Marketing and Social Media, we ALWAYS start with the basics (and may I add “The Basics” is not just… “This is Facebook…”).

“The Basics” is a process we have created to make sure everyone knows why they are using Social Media and to set goals based on what they want to achieve, which in turn helps us understand at what level you are coming from and what level you would like to go to with Social Media.

“The Basics” will set a solid foundation for you to build upon in the future and ensure everyone on the same playing field. Invoking ideas they have and how it is related to Social Media from their point of view.

We have devised three types of groups underneath different heading so we all know which camp you fall into:


Teams are a group of people who work in the same Company.

They will be coming at Social Media from various angles, goals and departments, which means they will also have different ideas of what they can do, how they see it working from their point of view, who they are trying to get in front of and how to start engagement.

Within this session we need to find out the stand point from the Company’s perspective, so we can then disseminate it throughout the team and departments, so the brand of the company is consistent with how it wants to be perceived.


A Group of people from the same sector/industry that have come together.

We work with a wide range of umbrella companies (Association’s, Guild’s or Consortium’s) who bring these industries and people together.

We have trained Jewellers, Food and Drink, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality and Creative businesses (Artists, Photographers), as well as combined groups of businesses with the Business Owners and/or Marketing Managers of those companies in attendance.

Combine Groups

Combined Groups of people generally come from different companies and industries who all attend the same workshop.

For example; Amanda has trained/lectured for Colleges, Universities and Business Hubs and Apprentice Schemes across the Northwest, North Wales and beyond.

A pricing question will always start with the words “it depends…”

And the reason for that is because we need to understand what you and/or your team would like to get out of the Session.

We have a few options to choose from depending on your budget and the size of your team;

2 hour Session

  • Great for One Woman/Man Bands, Solopreneurs, Business Owners or Marketing Managers
  • + Travel Expenses

Half Day Session

  • 4 hours
  • Either 9:30am – 1pm or 1pm – 4:30pm
  • With a break
  • Great for Groups or Teams of up to 5 people
  • + Travel Expenses

Full Day Session

  • 7 hours
  • 9:30am – 4:30pm
  • With breaks
  • Great for Groups, Combined Groups or Teams of up to 5 people+
  • + Travel Expenses
  • * Doesn’t include Workbooks

2 Day Session

  • 14 hours
  • 9:30am – 4:30pm
  • With breaks
  • Great for Groups, Combined Groups of up to 12 people
  • Workbooks included for each delegate
  • + Travel Expenses

All of which come with the option to have ongoing support. Give us a call on 01925 699 250 to discuss what you are looking for…

This question is a great question but also is a difficult one, because it’s based on several factors;

  • What are you trying to achieve with Social Media and BE SPECIFIC!
  • What are your Social Media goals for the business?
  • Which target audience do you want to get in front of and with which product/service?
  • What do you want your target audience to think when they see your brand?
  • What benefits do they get from using your products/services?
  • What is the call to action from each post?

Pushing out content at least once a day isn’t good enough anymore. The content must be great and on point to grab their attention, as well as have a call to action, so they know what to do next.

So, in short, depending on what you want to achieve depends on where you need to be, how much time you need to spend there and what you need to talk about.

We have a whole Masterclass on this subject in our Academy… Head over to to find out more.

Book a 30-minute call, so we can discuss this question further…

These services have been delivered across the North West of England, including The Wirral, Liverpool, Warrington, Manchester, North and Mid Wales, Cheshire and beyond up to Glasgow and over to Jersey.

I was very impressed with how much I learned on the day. There was lots of information provided but it was made easy to digest thanks to Amanda’s brilliant tutorial skills. The course material was very well presented and is handy to refer back to. Amanda provided many new ideas with practical examples on how you can improve your marketing tactics and in turn promote your business. Amanda is a very knowledgeable and inspirational person and I look forward to using Koogar’s services again in the future.

Claire Painter

(Commercial Painter and Decorating)

I attended a course run by Amanda ‘using Social Media to drive business and promote you‘. The course was interesting, well illustrated and delivered in a language I could understand. It was motivating and in the last 2 days, I have joined Linkedin, am revamping my website, have tweeted endlessly and have a purpose. I have identified my customers and grown in confidence. All in one day! I will be sending a colleague on this course. Highly recommended!

Lesley Mifsud

(Food and Drink Industry)

Amanda’s training was brilliant, her Twitter and LinkedIn workshops were just what I needed. I feel like I know my way round both platforms much better now. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone who wants to learn more about Social Media for their business.

Vicki Fogarty


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