Being open and honest, this FAQ page is here to answer your questions and ongoing concerns about taking on a Marketing Consultant/Company to work with.

I’ve heard hundreds of horror stories where people have promised you the earth, charged you a fortune and not delivered what you wanted.

I can assure you… we are different!

I’m not here to convince you that we are the right marketing people for you. I’m here to show you who we are, what our expertise is and how best you should utilise our services in your business to get the best from your marketing.

If you’ve not yet met me, my name is Amanda and I’m the Founder of Koogar… At your service!

General Questions

These questions are about Koogar as a business, who we are and what we can do for you!

We have a certain way of working but its not for everyone.

It is a combination of consultancy, coaching, facilitation and hands-on skills which not many other Marketing Consultants can bring to the table.

This means I have a wide range of skills to bring to your business and specialise in integrating your marketing.

Now that you know our style of working, why not take a look at my LinkedIn Profile

I have a tool box full of exercises, masterclasses, tried and tested examples that I will have to hand, every time we meet.

This is the Million Dollar question!

Marketing cannot be guaranteed due to the thousands of factors and entities that are outside of our control.

However, I can guarantee my actions!

  • all of your questions will be answered to the best of my ability, with consideration and upmost honesty
  • together we will gain clarity on your business and puurfect clients you want to attract!
  • my knowledge of all things marketing are and will always be topped up daily and shared with you at the appropriate time
  • the understanding of your business will be like it is my own
  • the challenges you face will be dealt with appropriately, with discretion and in a timely manner

Not everything I bring to the table may be right for your business.

Marketing is about gaining clarity, creating structure and implementing agreed actions.

Marketing isn’t what gets you business, marketing gets you awareness, it’s what you do with that awareness that then gets you the business!

Don’t confuse marketing and sales… They are two separate things that do need each other to get results!

I’m Amanda, the Founder of Koogar and Integrated Marketing Consultant helping Business Owners and Marketing Managers improve their knowledge, their confidence and capability with Marketing their business.

During my 20+ year career in Web and Digital Marketing, I have personally qualified as a Graphic Designer, built some of the largest Websites in the UK (my first was Liverpool Football Club, in 1998) as well as trained over 1000 Business Owners and Marketing Managers in using Social Media for Business and was the first company to start in Liverpool in 2008.

To find out more about me, why not take a look at my LinkedIn Profile

We help Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Marketing Managers, like you to integrate their marketing activities to help them get better results from their marketing. For example;

  • increasing their client base with a better quality of client
  • build a strong brand to gain brand awareness and get noticed
  • teach them how to use social media for business properly by creating a strategy
  • help them create content that engages their audience
  • have a better understanding of marketing so they can make it a priority, know what activities are right for their business and set up processes that lead to and keep clients

We do this through Integrated Marketing which basically means we pull your marketing together and connect the dots.

It comes in the forms of; consultancy, mentoring, coaching, training and hands-on skills where we help you implement the ideas and campaigns together, including;

  • marketing and website audits
  • creating marketing plans
  • strategy sessions
  • ongoing support and guidance
  • building/updating websites
  • design work

A lot of businesses have a website, use email marketing, do social but none of it talks to each other or works together well. That’s where we come in!

Our job is to pull it all together, so together we can use the right activities for your business.

Without the foundations in place the marketing stops working, cracks start appearing and everything else starts to crumble.

Check out our Marketing Services to see how we can help you.

We can help you as much or a little as you want, it just depends on what kind of help you want and your budget.

But the first question you should be asking yourself is “What kind of help do I need?“…

Make a list of the things you need help with, what are you looking to achieve, is your first step.

There are a number of combinations of how we can work with you (or a member of your team) to help you and them achieve the business goals and KPI’s.

Please take a look at our Integrated Marketing Services page so you can find the best fit for you…

Most usually start with a 2 hour session to test the water and see if we are a right fit for them. But before we get that far, let’s have a chat… Get in touch.


What a great question.

Yes, it should work.

We say should because there are commitments from both sides needed.

Amanda needs to keep her skill set sharp and on point.

You need to implement the actions she gives you, show up for yourself and ask questions all the time!

Amanda’s role is to ensure she gets you the result you are after, however, most of the time there is work to be done.

For example; you may think you know your audience, but Amanda will want to know more.

You may think your offering is right, but there will be tweaks to ensure your people are attracted to it.

Marketing isn’t simple. It has an order and a deeper level of understanding needed which is what Amanda has and she will help you see what you are missing.

Marketing Mentoring Questions

Our consultancy and coaching has lots of questions asked of it, so we will be sharing the answers over the next few weeks!

We have written an extensive blog to answer this question because (and this may sound ridiculous), we may not be the right people for you.

Choosing the right people to work with is essential for every business and we want to help you make the right decision from the start.

Read our blog “How to choose the right Marketing Consultant to work with“, so you are able to answer the 3 questions we put to you.

Amanda’s Personal Skill Set

Amanda is the Founder and Lead Marketing Consultant at Koogar.

Koogar Team Skill Set

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design and Build
  • S.E.O. Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Get in touch to ask us more about how we can help you.

No problem at all, these things happen.

If you need to postpone our session, you will need to let me know as soon as you can.

Ideally 72 hours before the session but if its a last minute thing, drop me an email or text to tell me not to get in the car.

We can rearrange once you have a chance to let me know the next date available.

The tailored approach that Koogar specialise in, isn’t in regards to a bespoke marketing consultancy but as a Business Owner I understand the flexibly and diversity needed in business therefore we work with you to provide your perfect solution.

The simple answer to this question is “Yes!”

But I want to go further.

Every business we work with needs different amounts and levels of advice and guidance, HOWEVER every business needs the same processes put in place to function. These are what we call the “Marketing Foundations”, which are there to help all businesses succeed.

In essence, what we’re saying is that the way in which we work with our clients is based on the wants and needs of the business. Not all businesses do the same thing, want the same kind of client and outcome for their business. Even though there are potentially lots of “competition” out there, they dont do business in the same way as you!

There is no one size fits all or blueprint when it comes to marketing.