One-to-One : Magnetic Marketing Eco-System™

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself and helps bring it out of you

Bob Proctor


What’s you’re more? I know you’re looking for it…

Have you ever had the feeling, that maybe, you were meant for more? But your weren’t really sure what youre next steps where to achieve it?

Right now, you’re looking to invest in yourself and your business to really discover who you are and what you’re really capable of. However, it has to be with the right person…


Who is the right person?

You’ve worked with a number of different coaches and mentors, but it hasn’t been quite the right fit for you.

Not aligned, real or authentic enough. Soley focused on the money, not the impact you want to make. Too generic and not enough time spent on understanding you (as an indiviual with wants, needs and values) or how to move through the world, or would like to.

Are you looking for someone to give you the honesty you seek, no BS, straight up truth, to tell you want to do to gain traction and have deeper conversations about what you could do? Not only are you looking to discuss your business, but you really want to push yourself, move through the beliefs, thoughts and patterns, so you can attain “your more”.


Amazing… You’re in thr right place!

Amanda Daniels-Alle from Koogar, The Marketing Architect

What is the Magnetic Marketing Eco-System?

Magnetic Marketing Eco-System is Amanda’s 7 Step Methodology. It’s rooted in both the customer journey and aligned practices, is a comprehensive and holistic approach designed to not only attract your target audience, but to magnetise them to you. During your time with Amanda she will also facilitate a transformative experience for you as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Change Maker and Impact Creator.

The Eco-System consists of two offerings and both are One-to-One with Amanda;

Method (4 Month Container) – business transformation through foundational marketing strategies, tailored skill development and quick wins. The start of an authentic marketing journey…

Mastery (12 Month Journey) – a journey integrating spiritual awakening, deep personal growth and alternative marketing strategies for sustained success. The commitment to full alignment.


You are unique, which means…

…your marketing needs to be too. They have been created, so that you know exactly what you are doing, what your message ais clear and attractive to the right people and so we can pull everything together, creating a self-perpetuating Marketing Eco-System™ that gets you results!

Results like, more confidence, clarity on your message or offering, invisible opportunities, new clients, “putting yourself out there” and more money.

With Magnetic Marketing comes…

    • a tailor-made more intimate approach to your nature and business
    • customer journey and processes you can follow
    • accountability and monitoring of your movements
    • coaching (challenging questions) and mentoring (the “how to” or next steps…)
    • reviews every step of the way

Growth cannot be done in one session, however, if a one off session is what you’re looking for, consider; Download (“Pick my Brain” Session) or Align & Surge (Full Day VIP Experience).

As you know great marketing, takes time, consideration and the right energy to grow a business plus accountability to ensure you take the necessary steps to move forward in the right direction. Every marketing activity undertaken takes at least 3 months (if not 6) to take affect and to become established.

This is where we build your marketing muscle.

How The Eco-System works…

Amanda has what she calls the Eco-System Loose-Leaf. This is a document that consist of EVERY strategy, tactic, activitiy, idea you can think of, which is put into categorirs that fit her Methodology. You wont get a copy of this doucment as this is the Master.

Depending on the size of your business, what you want to achieve, how much money you want to make, the people you are here to serve and also the most important ingredient, you and how you do business, depends on where you start. Because the combination of those things will be significantly different to the next person, you wont need them at the same time, in the same amounts of for the same reasons.


The Deep Dive…

There are elements that every business needs, which are covered in your first session, The Deep Dive.

From here, your strategy will be created and the actions steps put into place. All you have to do is implement them, ask questions, ask more questions, measure and tweak. Amanda is your guide to keep you on track and ensure youre doing the things you need to do to make an impact.

You will have sessions with Amanda every two weeks and time in-between to do the work, which will be reviewed and tweaked as and when needed by Amanda as you go. To find out the full extent of what you’ll recieve in The Eco-System, book an Unearthing Session with Amanda.


The benefits of working One-to-One are;

    • you get all the attention on you and your business
    • focused and deep conversations
    • stress levels are lowered as your questions will be answered specifically for you
    • relief and clarity for a way forward
    • reconnection with who you are
    • implementing the things you’ve always wanted to do
    • watching and measuring your progress and growth together
    • personalised action points
    • review sessions to keep you on track

Amanda will be dedicated to you and your business like you’ve not experienced before. We will be going deep into what you would like to achieve, the reasons why you’re not and how to over come the challenges and hurdles you are facing.

Amanda is someone who has taken the time to understand me as well as my business. Looking at what lights me up and not just the numbers and the money… and now, I’m magentic!

AF (Photographer, Manchester, UK)


I have done a lot of personal work, but didn’t expect what I got from Amanda – the honesty – the realness – the belief in me.

After my last experience with a coach, I didn’t expect that. The personal support through everything. Helping me find my true self, planning my time, the action to take and true support that believes in me and see’s me for who I really am.

SK (Dance School, Manchester, UK)


Frequently Asked Questions….

The Marketing Eco-System (Method or Mastery) is a one-to-one experience with Amanda.

Just you, Amanda and a lot of questions, thinking, actions and implementation, so you can review and measure whats working and what is not.

Amanda has created a 36-page Loose-Leaf Guide Book that she will work through with you. She will always start on page one, but after that, where she goes will be guided by the results you are after, the people you want to work with and the services you have to share.

Loose-Leaf? It means Amanda can pull out the pages and put them in order to create your own Marketing Eco-System™.

Not every client works through this book the same way, as Amanda believes to all to be unique and in need of your very own path to the success you want.

You will choose working with Amanda for 4-12 months and from there you will meet every 2 weeks.

After every session, you will receive an email of the next actions you should take and the order in which to do them.

The Loose-Leaf will not be completed within 4 or 12 months as it covers thousands of strategies, tactics and resources. However, which ever option you choose you will see a result as long as you do the work.

Of course Amanda is on hand to review, support and suggests ways forward so that you are on track and in alignment.

The simple answer is No.

Amanda’s skill set is customer journey, client profiling and strategy. Although she used to run a Full Agency in the early years, has moved away from that as she discovered the real problems you have is knowing what to do, what to say and finding your people, not posting on social media.

That is a job you may not want to do, but once you work with Amanda to find the best language, topics and strategy you will find you enjoy it more than you ever have because you now know what to say, where your people are and what they need to hear to know you are right for them.

If you are looking for clarity, strategy, a plan and, next steps and your people, that’s where Amanda comes into her own.

The answer is what won’t you cover.

Integrating your marketing and creating a customer journey is about looking from a bird’s eye view. Understanding which marketing activates fit where for your people to see you as an expert and connecting them.

When we say “connect” we mean so your message, brand, offering is on point on any activity you use and in order. Marketing has an order.

Most of the time people treat each activity separately and it doesn’t flow, hence no customer journey. Marketing has an order, so its Amanda’s job to ensure the marketing you are doing will magnetise the epople you want to work with to you.

Amanda will look at the results you want, your people, message, content, website, referral strategy and more. The most important thing is, she will know where you need to start and give you the steps you need to take.

You will meet with Amanda every 2 weeks (twice a month), so you need to be at those meetings. You will agree the dates and times together, so it fits in with your schedule’s.

As a Marketing Eco-System™ client, you have the opportunity to reach out via email and telephone to get your questions answered. You don’t have to wait until the next week.

Whether you go for Method or Mastery, the time we meet is the same as in every 2 weeks, however Method is over 4 months and Mastery over 12 months.

Then it’s over to you to implement the action list she gives you.

With Mastery, you get access to The Academy too, which gives you access to masterclasses and resources on top of your time with Amanda.

Marketing takes time, thought and effort. Amanda will do a lot of the thinking for you, but not all of it, as this is your business. Her role is to show you how you can run a business your way, get paid well and find the opportunities you haven’t seen by filling in the gaps.

By the end of each session, you will be excited to get going because everything will make sense.

Book an Unearthing Session to find out more.

Great question!

The best thing to do is book an Unearthing Session with Amanda. It is a 45 minute call where you will discuss working together.

Before your call, Amanda will send you a set of questions that you need to answer, so she has enough information about who you are and what type of help you are looking for. If you don’t know, don’t worry, Amanda can help with that and if she isn’t the right person, she will tell you.

The call is for answering questions and for you both to work out if you are a good fit for each other.

If you are, Amanda will show you the options that are available for you, including the investment and when you can start.

But please be aware, Amanda will not push you to make a decision, you will know if it’s right for you or not. Read the About You page, to see if we are a match for each other.

What is required is full transparency so that she can help you as best she can.

There are two options within the Eco-System.

Method (4 Months) or Mastery (12 Months) – depending on which option you go for will depend on the length of relationship you would like, your budge and the results you would like to achieve.

In Mastery you get access to The Academy for the duration of your time with Amanda as an added bonus. Inside The Academy are hundreds of resources and downloads, plus masterclasses that go deeper into areas like Audience, Messaging, Branding, Websites, CUstomer Joruney and more.

Because Method is over a shorter peirod of time, Amanda wants you to make as much impact as possible, so you wont get access to the Academy as we need to focus!

Yes!! and in fact, most who go through Method do…


Magnetic Marketing

… the eco-system and self-sustaining strategy

Client Love…


Without Amanda’s help I believe I would have made about half the progress I’ve made so far. I started with Amanda at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey and wasn’t sure if it was the right investment to be making as I had just quite my job. Looking back I am so glad I have had Amanda’s help through one of the most difficult and challenging years of my life. Meetings with Amanda gave me that weekly accountability and motivation that I needed to keep my ‘WHY’ in sight and at the center of my actions.

Amanda helped me to move through my mental roadblocks and was so patient yet persistent with me. In hindsight I was not really to take full advantage of all she had to offer but Amanda was so professional and insightful and met me where I was every time. She helped me practically by helping me to navigate new marketing tools and ideas and mentally by confronting a limiting mindset and unproductive self-criticism. Because of her I am more intentional about my thoughts and actions in my work. If you’re reading this Amanda, THANK YOU!

Tiffancy Paynter

Soham Yoga (Bermuda)

Working with Amanda has been so amazing! She helped me bring strategy to an admittedly chaotic state, and assisted me in gaining clarity around my vision, and my brand and my priorities. Amanda, you are unequivocally the bomb!! Thank You!!

Kathy Pearce

Kathrine Pearce Coaching (USA)

I really started to see my business step up and up and up. And it was, obviously for me, it was that clarity of knowing who I was talking to, who I was helping and actually knowing that when they looked at my website and they looked at all my offerings that, that all was aligned and it all made perfect sense to my potential buyers.

It was, the confidence that was a big boost. There’s no doubt about it, I now feel so much more different about my business and the results are showing that. My ideal clients are coming to me now, because I’m very clear on who I’m helping. So yeah, I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going!

Elaine Atherton

Sales Coach (UK)

From our first, introductory session through the 6 month commitment I meant to work with her, her intuitive grasp of what I needed, what my business needed, and where I was getting in my own way was spot on. Amanda’s ability to point out where I was lying to myself (let’s be real…we all do it) was just what I needed and she did it in a way that made me feel seen, heard, valued, and ultimately, understood.

If you’re struggling to be seen and heard by your ideal clients, hire Amanda. Your investment with her will be the best money you’ve ever spent on yourself AND your business.

Hilary Clarke

Fabric Artist, Hilary Clarke Studios (USA)

5 stars!! Amanda is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive. She works at a much deeper and more powerful level than most of her peers and her results are testiment to her skills. I definitely recommend working with Amanda.

Helen Hardware

RTT Coach (UK)

Ready to take your Business to the next level?

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