Marketing + Business Awakening

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own!”

― Bruce Lee

How Amanda works is different.

It’s not a one-size fits all or cookie cutter approach.

Amanda believes everyone to be unique and lives by the quote above!

Even if you do the same type of business as someone else, your audience and the way you do business is different.

So why do what everyone else is doing? Especially if it doesn’t sit or feel right? There is a reason for that.

Why not find your own way by building a self-perpetuating Marketing Eco-System™ that is built specifically just for you.

Every business (and their owner) is distinct; You, your experiences, passions, mission and audience. It is ever so slight but understanding it more is the game changer.

Forget marketing, think alignment!

When everything is connected, business flows…

What is a Customer Journey?

The definition of a customer journey is… the entire experience a customer has while communicating with a brand

It is the complete interaction roadmap (we call it an Eco-System) from brand discovery (not knowing you exist) to purchasing (acquisition) and beyond (referrals, recommendations and loyalty), which enables the whole system to be sustainable.

In essence, we help you create your very own Marketing Eco-System™ by integrating everything from your brand and through to the content you create for your audience. Connecting the dots and building a structure you can create a community upon.

What is Integrated Marketing?


The definition of an integration is… to make up, combine, or to meld with and become part of the dominant culture


7 Steps to Marketing Mastery… The Marketing Eco-System™


Integration is the key. Using our proven 7 step Methodology, we unearth the very marketing elements that will work specifically for you.

Together we create the perfect customer journey and experience for your clients. Helping you get noticed, obtain more enquiries and leads for you to convert as well as referrals. All of which builds a self-perpetuating marketing system designed for specifically for you.

A holistic and evergreen approach to marketing.


Koogar Marketing Eco System-Methodology

How can we work together?

We have 2 options for you. Read through each so you have an idea of what feels right for you and then Book an Unearthing Session with Amanda as we know you will have questions.


One-to-One with Amanda

One-to-One’s for those who are committed and ready to get to their next level of business growth

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Marketing Masterclasses

Marketing Masterclasses for those who want learn how to market themselves best. 36 masterclasses and over 200 resources ready and waiting for you

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Book your Unearthing Session with Amanda, get your questions answered and discuss which option is best for you

Do you get stuck to know what to do next?

53 Pearls of Wisdom for the Spiritual, Passionate and Purpose Led. Helping you to gain clarity, take action, be seen and make more money!

The Marketing Oracle Cards

As soon as I saw the cards I was like, Thank you, now you’re talking my language! Alignment, elements and spirituality, I get so I’m feeling inspired and excited for once about my marketing and love my new tools!

Becki Marie Douglas

Wellbeing Empowerer

Whilst the cards and box are of exceptional quality both physically and visually. I’m just (if not even more) delighted with the calibre of content found on each card and the supporting guidebook.

Jay Allen

Business Scale Sherpa

The cards have been absolutely fantastic in helping me to achieve my goals. I’ve created my own little system to help me gain the most out of each card and they have actually already assisted the business!

Emma Simms

Marketing Executive