You can see that there is a lot you COULD do, are unsure where to start or how to amplify and are looking to pull everything together, so you have the right systems and process in place for the business to grow sustainably. With Growth comes…

    • a tailor-made more intimate approach to your business
    • accountability and monitoring of movements
    • coaching (challenging questions) and Mentoring (the how to steps…)
    • reviews every step of the way

Growth cannot be done in one session. As you know, it takes time and consistency to grow a business plus accountability to ensure you take the necessary steps to move forward in the right direction. Every marketing activity undertaken takes at least 3 months( if not 6) to take affect and to become established.

If you are wanting to grow your business well, you know doing things well takes time and effort.

Our first session will always be our “Unearthing” Session to find out where you are and where you want to be.

Within this session, we will also be looking to gain clarity on the results you are looking for, as well as quick wins for you to move forward with and gain traction.

The benefits of working One-to-One are;

    • you get all the attention on you and your business
    • focused conversations
    • stress levels are lowered as your questions will be answered specifically for you and your business
    • watching and measuring your progress and growth together
    • personalised action points
    • support with implementation
    • reviewing sessions

Growth is dedicated to you and your business, so we will be going deep into what you would like to achieve it, why you’re not and how to over come the issues you are facing. You can bring along other directors, managers and team members if required.

We always start at the beginning, the vision so we know how to grow the business moving forward.

To get your business to the place you want it takes time. You know the story of the tortoise and the hare. In this situation you are the tortoise, moving forward slowly but building foundations and getting all your ducks in a row to allow the new business to flow straight to you. (Remember, the tortoise wins the race and so can you)

Growth - One-to-One Work

Growth : One-to-One Work

… the process of increasing in size

Amanda’s style is relaxed and informal, but she cuts through with laser precision to the heart of what you maybe lacking to drive your business forward.

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