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Most Business Owners (and teams) are doing everything they “should be doing” but their marketing is still not working the way they want it to. There are a few reasons for this… but the main reason is because your marketing isn’t connected.

Having a customer journey in places helps you see your business from their point of view and how they interact best with you. Its not just about being on everywhere all of the time, but taking them on a journey that leads towards you and not away from you…

Customer behaviour changes deepening on economics, environment, thoughts and feelings and you need to tap into how they make decisions to know where you need to be and what content you need to create to get their attention. By understanding your customers journey, you can;

    • increase your return on investment through better targeting and personal messaging
    • create quicker sales
    • guarantee a seamless experience across all of your marketing activities that not only look professional and of higher quality but help you stand out from the crowd

Marketing is not only essential, it is non-negotiable!


Eco-System : 12 Month Program

Building your own road map for a sustainable business...

Marketing does not bring you business, marketing brings you awareness,
It’s what you do with that awareness, that then gets you the business

The 8 Elements

Over the next 12 months, we will show you how to implement what we call the Eco-System™ Program… helping you create a strategy, understand your audience, build brand awareness to be seen by the right people and get quality leads!


A true and robust marketing strategy is essential for all businesses to achieve success



Getting and qualifying leads, enquiries and opportunities will no longer be a struggle



Understanding who your perfect client is makes marketing your business so much easier



Knowing what your clients need to read, see, hear or watch will become easier to create



Your brand identity and value proposition sets you apart from everyone else



Having a plan tells you what you need to do and when you need to do it 



The perfect Customer Journey allows your audience to take the steps that lead towards you



Customer service and care is imperative and leads to referrals and more


We will also cover…


Your marketing will never work if you don’t have a growth mindset in place. Over the next 12 months, together we’ll work on fears, beliefs as well as your dreams and aspirations so you can reach them


There are hundreds of marketing activities you could do. It is about knowing which ones are the right collection for you and your business to get in front of the right people, otherwise your marketing is wasted…

What you get with the Eco-System Program?

The Marketing Integration Eco-System™ (also known as The Eco-System™) is our methodology where we unearth all the marketing elements in turn, by designing, building and updating them to match the strategy of your business and brand, so they work together and grow your business naturally.

The definition of an eco-system is… a large community of living organisms (plants, animals and microbes) in a particular area that also interact with each other. The living and physical components are linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows.

In this case, the living organisms is your brand, message, website, blogs, social media platforms, printed materials, referral processes and the experiences you create to attract your audience.

    • 10 step Program showing you how to create the perfect Customer Journey, gain brand awareness and attract the right people
    • Instant and Unlimited Access to all Media Masterclasses
    • 45-minute Kick-Starter Session with Amanda
    • Access to Weekly Coaching Q&A’s with Amanda
    • Access to Private Member Community
    • Weekly Accountability
  • If you invest with a single annual payment, you will also get…
    • BONUS: VIP Day (worth £1200) with 10 other delegates

Imagine for a moment…

What your business would look like and give you after implementing the Eco-System, enabling you to run the business you have always wanted to run, believing your dreams can be achieved and actually achieving them…


Are you happy with your situation and what you currently have?

If the answer is no and you are ready to commit to yourself and your business, let’s talk…

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