The benefits of working with a Marketing Mentor

As an Integrated Marketing company, we operate in a hybrid style of consultancy, coaching and mentoring. We feel this enables us to offer our clients a truly valuable service, where our expertise is utilised most effectively.

Through the implementation of this approach we are able to fully immerse ourselves within your business, and therefore understand the marketing challenges you face in a more detailed, attentive and personal way.

This enables us to create an effective, data-driven and customer focused marketing strategy for you that recognises the issues you are having and solves those challenges in a simple and easily implementable way. We do this in a number of ways:

How we work…

Our process has four main stages:

1. Communicate

This is where we communicate with you to understand the problems and challenges you are having with your marketing. Often starting in the form of a Discovery Call, which enables us to understand where you are now, which marketing activities you are currently implementing including the effects they are having on your business and what the main issues are with them.

2. Analyse

The second stage of the process is where we look into your business in MUCH more detail, and fully analyse your current marketing position, perfect clients, sales targets so we are able to suggest additional ideas, tweaks or marketing elements. This includes a marketing audit whereby we draw up what you are currently doing well, what could be done better to then outline clear and focused objectives that you would like to reach in a certain time frame. Effectively this is where we become immersed in your business and get under the skin of it to develop a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve within your business and your marketing.

3. Create

Once we have a clear understanding of where the business is, and where you want to be, we will create a customer focused and fully integrated marketing strategy, plan and calendar. This is COMPLETELY focused on curating a strategy which is entirely tailored to you and how you can effectively attract and influence your perfect customers. Improving your marketing, through the introduction of effective integration and action, which ensures your customers experience is consistent and engaging with your brand.

4. Implement

Finally, this strategy is implemented within an agreed amount of time, with a specific budget and measured targets which will outline the effectiveness of the overall strategy. Reviewed regularly and altered on set time scales to ensure the strategy, planning and implementation is working as effectively as possible for you, your clients and your business.

For marketing to be effective, it must be consistently maintained, tweaked and updated.

How to choose the right marketing consultant to work with

[BLOG] How to choose the right Marketing Mentor/Consultant to work with…

Choosing the right Marketing Consultant to work with can be a difficult decision, so I have written this blog to help you choose the right Marketing Consultant to work with by understanding more about them and what they can do for your company.

In the past you may have;

  • been burnt by someone who promised everything and delivered nothing
  • worked with someone who said they were doing one thing and did something else entirely or the complete opposite
  • found that the person/company you had been working with has lied to you and not done anything for the budget you have paid them
  • taken on someone who just did not get what you do and just marketed in the wrong way

Which has left you feeling a little sceptical and un-trusting of the people out there who call themselves “marketers”.

Read the rest of this blog…