Digital Marketing is essentially:

Anything you do to arrange the sale of a product or service using a computer and/or mobile device.

So, you could actually create a whole digital marketing strategy of your own as well as a traditional marketing strategy.

Within that strategy you would have elements like;

  • Website(s)
  • Mobile Website(s)
  • Blogging and Articles
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Promotion
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare
  • Apps
  • Directories – FreeIndex,

And more… like PowerPoint Presentations and Slide shows – Flickr

Your marketing plan shouldn’t just contain the traditional or “offline” methods of Marketing; it should contain elements from both methods.

We are currently in a digital era and there should be no excuse for us not to understand what’s going on, but because focus is currently on Social Media doesn’t mean that advertising, flyers, sales letters have stopped working.

How do you tie in digital marketing together? because one element alone isn’t what grabs your potential clients attention. So, the question is “Which part of your marketing is grabbing their attention?

The biggest advantage of digital marketing over traditional is that we can monitor and track what is happening. Who is using it, how are they using it, how long for, where do they go next, what are they clicking on?

Digital marketing isn’t the answer, but it does help! Not being there is just giving them the opportunity to find your competitors.

Your potential customer needs to see your message between 5-12 times before they are ready, don’t give them the same message on the same platform. Mix it up a bit and show them your whole offering over a range of platforms.