Laura’s Diary: Day 1

Hi! My name’s Laura and I am a recent graduate on placement with Koogar.  Throughout the next three months I will be keeping a diary about what I’ve been doing during the day and my thoughts and feelings towards these activities.  Now that my introduction, albeit short and sweet, is over I’ll begin…

This is my first diary entry and I’m still getting to grips with the whole idea of marketing.  If you have read my interview you’ll know that I was quite nervous about marketing the company and being very much involved with new marketing campaigns.

Well, it’s now the end of my first day and although I’m still a bit nervous I am settling in and becoming more comfortable and dare I say confident with the tasks ahead of me.

I started off the day by listening to a Marketing Mastermind CD and one piece of information really stood out; podcasts.  Needless to say this idea then proceeded to take up my morning as I wanted to find out how easy it was to create a podcast, which directories would it be best to post them, what is blog radio and how we could use podcasts to help promote Koogar.  From looking into podcasts I have learned, and hope you will agree, that by marketing/ promoting a campaign many clients would find it slightly different but more approachable if they heard Amanda’s voice explaining the campaign in more detail (as well as being able to access the information on the Koogar website).  As well as this clients could even if they wanted to raise a query on Koogar’s Q&A website by uploading an audio message.

Throughout the afternoon I was busy creating 5 marketing tips.  I will produce 5 per day that I’m on placement and these will be produced as a whole at the end of each month.  In this instance however, I feel slightly at an advantage as I am learning and gaining knowledge about marketing all the time as I did not posses a vast knowledge to begin with.

Overall, my first day has been very interesting, enlightening and most of all exciting.  A great way to start a placement I’d say.

Laura Allen is now working with Koogar

Laura Allen is an English student who is coming to work with Koogar over the next three months. She will be working on a range of different things, from new products, event organisation and copy writing.

Read more below to find out a little more about Laura.

My full name is Laura Jane Allen and I was born in Liverpool, in Allerton and lived here until I was 18. This was when I moved to Hull to go to university for a 3 year degree, but stayed on an extra year where I got a job working with American Express.

I chose to go to Hull University on the advice from a 6th form tutor, so my Mum and I drove over there and took at look at the facilities. We liked it and this was where I completed my English degree.

My ideal job would be to become a Chief Editor within a publishing house, looking after books… not papers or magazines, but I don’t mind trying it out. I would love to work with Penguin, but would also love to work for another publishing house down in London. I think to start with I would like to have a job in Liverpool first and then I can move on to other places.

Ideally I would like to work in the North East. I love Yorkshire, the people are laid back along with the lifestyle and everyone is friendly.

I found information on the Radio City website which talked about graduate training with a company called Blue Orchid. I called and spoke to Jo who then told me about a Marketing position going within Koogar. To be honest I wasn’t sure about marketing to begin with but once Jo explained the type of work I could be doing I wanted to know more. She talked about copy writing, working with local businesses and offering advice.

I applied to work with Koogar because you gave a list of things that I would potentially be working on which helped me understand a little more about marketing and how I could fit in. I would like to work with smaller companies by giving them support and would also like to have a look at the web/Internet side of things. Never thought of this aspect before.

My role model would be a tutor from University. When she came into the room to speak she gained a massive amount of respect and had a great presence on the stage… All this by just walking into a room.

I inspire to be a Copy Editor within a publishing house, but you never know… that might change. I’m finding more and more things that I haven’t known about before. I would love to work with and help people who write for hobbies. I would give them help and support them with ideas and reviewing their copy too.

A friend of my mums got me a picture of Liverpool docks in 1912ish as a present and told me to “Never forget where you come from”. Its something I will always remember and live by.

Koogar is very excited to be working with Laura as she has a lot of ideas and new skills to bring to the company. I’m sure you will give her a warm welcome if you ever meet her or speak to her on the telephone.

Matt Buchanan is now working with Koogar

Matt Buchanan is an Illustration and Animation student who is coming to work with Koogar on a Work placement. He has a certain style that we like and have asked him to work with on various different projects. We are looking forward to working with Matt as we know what we want and what he is capable of.

Read more below as Amanda interview Matt to find out a little more about him

My full name is Matthew Josh Buchanan, I live on the Wirral and was born in Arrow Park Hospital, but have also lived in Derby as I went to University for 3 years but stayed for a further year.

I completed a BA Hons Degree in illustration for Animation using digital composition, animating characters using flash starting simple and progressing onto After Effects and Final Cut Pro. We weren’t given tight briefs as we were given encouragement to develop our own styles.

My inspiration are people like Patrick Coldfield – I like the use of colour and bold lines and Edward Hopper – with him I like the use of light and the Night Hawks project.

My ideal job would be to be working in the creative industry, being given a lot of freedom to do what I want with the requirements from a client. I enjoy creating characters and bringing them to life and also creating worlds for the characters. I could work in the gaming industry but I’m not technically trained.

I found out about this opportunity through Jo Turner. It sounded exciting and something t enjoy to get more experience. Eventually I want to get paid for a job I love doing.

I want to work within a team working in collaboration with other people bouncing ideas, also Koogar wants something specific but its also loose enough to do what I want.

The type of person I want to be is disciplined, produce very good work. I don’t want to be rushed. I’m good with ideas which helps me be more productive. I want to produce meaningful pieces of work and generally be a good person. I don’t like wasting time! I like to spend every minute doing something.

Bite the bullet” is a quote I live by. Embarrassing your fears and get on with something you want to do… Don’t leave it too long, just get on and do it.

Koogar is excited to be working with Matt over the next 3 months. Im sure youll give him a warm welcome if you meet him.

Jonathan interviewed Amanda from Koogar

Jonathan interviewed Amanda Daniels, the founder of Koogar. Please read on to see what he found out!

Amanda Daniels owns and works for Koogar, which is a digital marketing company which specializes in website design and developement. Amanda works with her partner Andy, currently from a home office and the company has been running full time for 9 months, but in total 3 years.

Before Amanda set up her own business, she was a web designer of 7 years, this involved her being part of a team where she was produced insurance websites, working with big clients such as HSBC. Amanda felt that she was starting to lose some of her design and creative skills as these websites had to have strict structures, therefore decided to move away from this and set up her own company to retrieve some of these skills.

Amanda wanted to help other businesses as she felt that companies were getting over charged for websites. Amanda felt that as she had experience working for big companies that she would be able to provide better websites for businesses cost effectively. Amanda prides her self on presentation as she feels that this is key to what she does.

Jonathan McCourt is now working with Koogar

Jonathan McCourt Interview

Jonathan is coming to work with Koogar for the next 6 months by creating case studies. Jonathan is currently doing a degree in John Moores University in Liverpool and here is a little more information about him…

My full name is Jonathan McCourt – no middle name, just Jonathan…

Born in and raised in Hill Dale, Ormskirk all my life, but currently live in Kensington term time.

I’m currently doing a Media, Cultural Studies and Marketing degree. The media and cultural studies part is opinion based and the marketing side of things is about International Marketing.

In 2008, I made a documentary called “Liverpool Lives” and its about what Liverpool means to people.