And… Action! Enhance on and offline marketing

Marketing is about keeping ourselves in the customer’s mind’s eye, making sure that they know we are the people to come to when they have a problem that we can potentially fix.

Digital marketing as a whole has helped move the small businesses to the same level as large organisations by allowing us to target more people on a smaller budget. Social media isn’t the key to marketing, it is just one aspect. You need a good mix of different marketing components that will help trigger responses. The result is getting people to take action.

I’d like to give you 4 elements to think about when creating, designing or implementing online and offline marketing. Here is the third element:

#3: Treat them like they are VIPs (Alfie – everyone who gets in his car is treated like royalty)

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How well do you know your clients?

Do you understand your client?

Had a fantastic 1-2-1 with a new member of BNI and also had a great conversation it was about knowing your clients and making sure you cater for all of them as they are all different.

Karen from Adaptive Comms split clients up into 4 categories:

  1. Peacocks
  2. Bulls
  3. Sheep
  4. Owls

Which one do you think you are? and before we carry on yea all of us have some amount of sheep within us! Its true!