…with your Host, Amanda Daniels-Allen

The Aligned Marketer Podcast is hosted by an Award-Winning International Marketing Architect, creator of The Marketing Oracle Card Deck and Founder of Koogar.

Alignment is essential and yet sometimes it feels out of reach.

It is how everything falls into place, personally and professionally.

Being fully aligned is about clarity, positioning, connection and order.

Marketing is hard enough, never mind adding all the things your told you SHOULD be doing.

For me, marketing is about aligning your thoughts, ideas, mission, mindset, brand and service to yourself and those you want to serve. Everything is connected.

So, forget marketing, think alignment.

When you, your business, service and people are all aligned, business just flows and everything falls into place.

This podcast is for you if you want to be yourself, while growing and marketing your business organically and authentically, so that your mission can ripple out across the world.

Being an aligned marketer is about doing things your way.

Showing up 100% authentically and unapologetically you, marketing yourself and your business in a way that feels comfortable and natural to you, without pressure of the should(s).

It is possible! Let me show you…

PLEASE NOTE: Amanda is currently relaunching and rebranding this podcast, which should be ready in August, 2021. Episode 18 will tell you about the rebrand and why it has happened.

This podcast used to be called ITI or Integrate to Influence.


ITI Ep.0017 : How do you decide which Social Media Platform to be on

How do you decide which social media platform you should be on? It's a hard question and one I'm asked all the time. Deciding which social media platform is the trick to be in front of the right people at the right time and saying the right thing, BUT how ...
Amanda Interviews Keeley on the Integrate to Influence Podcast

ITI Ep.0016 : Working With Difficult People (Interview with Keeley Taverner)

We all have dealt or are dealing with difficult people. This is about setting boundaries of what we are willing and not willing to tolerate! Difficult people exist everywhere, not just at work. They come in every variety and nowhere is without them. How difficult a person is for you ...

ITI Ep.0015 : 10 ways to get more email Subscribers (Series – Part 6 of 6)

10 ways to get more email Subscribers... how do you do it? Getting people to subscribe to your emails can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. With everything, we need to put a process in place that we can review. What are your thoughts on email marketing? As ...
Integrate to Influence Podcast - Artwork

ITI Ep.0014 : 10 Reasons why you should be using Autoresponders (Series – Part 5 of 6)

There are many reason why your should use autoresponders when it comes to email marketing. It sets expectations as well as saves you time in the future. If you set things up correctly, your subscribers will receive your key messages without you having to manually do it every time you ...
Integrate to Influence Podcast - Artwork

[Podcast ITI0013] 16 Types of Emails you can Send (Series – Part 4 of 6)

Many people get stuck when it comes to creating content for their emails. Not knowing what will be opened, engaged with or unsubscribed. Here are 16 different types of email marketing campaigns you can create over the future months. Each come with a few ideas to get your creative juices ...

[Podcast ITI0012] G.D.P.R. from an IT Perspective (Interview with Samantha Howard)

Listening Time: 52 minutes 52 seconds This Podcast looks at G.D.P.R. from an IT Perspective and interview Samantha Howard from KeyTech about how we can protect our data, our files, our clients and our devices using our IT Systems and Suppliers. Hacking happens every and we need to not only ...

[Podcast ITI0011] G.D.P.R. from an Employer and Employee Point of View (Interview with Jayne Sanderson Brown)

Listening Time – 42 minutes and 19 seconds G.D.P.R. isn't a compliance issue it's a "how we do business" process and what we will do with your information. G.D.P.R. is a huge subject and something that is VERY topical at present. We all want to know what to do, how ...
Integrate to Influence Podcast - Artwork

[Podcast ITI0010] – 8 steps to write perfect Subject Line (Series – Part 3 of 6)

Listening Time – 17 minutes and 08 seconds Creating the perfect email subject line is every Business Owners and Marketing Managers dream. Watching the open rate go up, click through go through the roof and reply's or purchases coming in. 33% of email recipients open email based on subject line ...
Integrate to Influence - Koogar's Podcast

[Podcast ITI0009] 7 Myths about Email Marketing (Series – Part 2 of 6)

Listening Time – 23 minutes and 57 seconds Today we are talking about the 7 Myths about Email Marketing. These 7 things are top of the list when it comes to Do's and Don’ts of email marketing. A lot of people talk about them as if they are the best ...
Integrate to Influence - Koogar's Podcast

[Podcast ITI0008] 12 reasons WHY you should use Email Marketing (Series – Part 1 of 6)

Listening Time – 23 minutes and 01 seconds I recently delivered a half day workshop in Essex for a group of Business Owners at their monthly Mastermind Meetings to discuss email marketing and why they should be using it in their marketing mix of activities. The presentation is called "How ...
Integrate to Influence - Koogar's Podcast

[Podcast ITI0007] 8 essentials to a SCALABLE business – Interview with Jay Allen

Listening Time - 47 minutes and 33 seconds "A person’s greatest strength is to first acknowledge weakness" Whilst many of us play to our strengths few stop to acknowledge weakness, yet it is often this which causes the glass ceiling that so many business owners suffer. In this podcast, we ...
Integrate to Influence - Koogar's Podcast

[Podcast ITI 0006] Does your business have STRONG marketing foundations?

Listening Time - 39 minutes and 0 seconds ALL large projects and businesses are built upon their foundations! How strong are yours and will they help you last? For example, a Japanese skyscraper has earthquake proof foundations to ensure it can cope with the frequent earthquakes in Japanese cities such as ...
Integrate to Influence - Koogar's Podcast

[Podcast ITI0005] Mind Gremlins and 9 Reasons why you are NOT taking action

Listening Time - 35 minutes and 4 seconds You (and I) are not taking ENOUGH action in our marketing and this is for a number of reasons! This podcast talks through some of the things that Business Owners and Marketing Managers think about and have talked about during their sessions ...
Integrate to Influence - Koogar's Podcast

[Podcast ITI 0004] 11 ways to kick-start your marketing ANYTIME of the year!

Listening Time - 35 minutes and 3 seconds I am asked nearly every day the same question... "What would you do in my business to market it and get new clients?" Unfortunately, the answer is different for every business, there is no blueprint to marketing. There are blueprints on HOW ...
Integrate to Influence - Koogar's Podcast

[Podcast ITI 0003] Get more confidence to pick up the telephone – Interview with Liz Couchman

Listening Time - 22 minutes and 45 seconds Do you struggle to pick up the telephone to call clients, follow up with potential clients to get new business? Most of us do, so you are not alone. In this episode, I interview Liz Couchman from Alex Merlin who is an ...
Integrate to Influence - Koogar's Podcast

[Podcast ITI 0002] Who is Koogar and how you can recognise your achievements

Listening Time - 23 minutes and 9 seconds Koogar was established in 2006 to give Business Owners and Marketing Managers throughout the Northwest of England and beyond a presence on and offline that they deserve. As a professional Web Designer with over 18 years experience in the digital field, Amanda ...

What is this Podcast about?

Within the podcasts, Amanda will touch on a number of different sub-topics including psychology, digital, traditional, buying behaviour and data analysis. All of which are key to developing an effective integrated marketing strategy.

You will also be able to access a diverse set of fascinating conversations, interviews, tips, tricks and basically everything you need to know about integrated marketing!

Listen on…

We hope you enjoy this free resource and see it as your first port of call for all your integrated marketing needs!

If you have a subject you would like us to cover, please email Amanda at podcast@koogar.co.uk and we will create a podcast for you!